Synergy is a financial advisory firm known to be proactive, progressive and reliable. We strive to be the new standard in financial guidance, creating significant value for our clients. Challenge the status quo with us.

We care for the people who care for you. Our pursuit of technological updates, training roadmaps, support platforms and initiatives are thoughtfully designed to develop our people’s competency. It empowers and motivates them to grow and develop, thereby customizing unique solutions towards financial success for you, exceeding expectations every time.

At Synergy, we grow collectively as one. Unity and trust provides greater growth and excellence. The strong internal bond between management, advisers and support staff in Synergy testifies to that. We “never have a dull moment”. Be inspired by our passion, experience the Synergy way.


Our Client Advisers are our greatest asset. Our advisers work with us on a trusted partnership helping to enhance knowledge and practices, and client experiences.

We recruit and retain the best in the field and make a commitment towards developing their potential even further, as an employer of choice.



Our advisers are professional in that they behave with integrity, trust, and competency providing personalized advice successfully.

We keep our advisers on their toes, with high standards of performance expected of them.


We have achieved progress and sustainable growth over the past years due to our engaged leaders, teams, and advisers.

Progress and growth are the foundation of a future where the company is kept moving in a positive and productive direction. The more we grow, the better we serve our clients.


Jo Ann
Public Relations

"Jason is not only knowledgeable in what he does, but he’s also able to explain things in way for anyone to understand. He puts his clients' interest first, by always reminding them of their financial goal instead of just investing or buying plans just for the sake of growing wealth. He takes the time to understand his clients’ needs and provides ways to meet those needs. He is super helpful - always welcoming questions and taking the time to answer any concerns."

Mr Jeffrey Tan
Managing Director, Senior Optometrist
Eyecare 24/7 Pte Ltd

"I got to know Ben when searching for a company insurance for my retail shops and employees. He impressed me with his great advices, which are genuine and professional. He was detailed with his planning and was not out to just earn his commission by upselling products. Things that were are not necessary to add on for my company, he will advice against it. He was even prompt to inform me that the company insurances were expiring even before i receive any notification letters. As such, i decided to entrust him with all my family and personal related insurance polices, including some investment portfolio. A great adviser is hard to find nowadays, more so, one that become a friend. Chat him up and you guys will believe what I have mentioned."

Mr Chong Mh
Sales Manager

"Darius has been most helpful and detailed in explaining the insurance policy to me. He is someone whom I can trust to do the financial services for myself. I am thankful that he is handling my account and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to set their finance in the right direction and secure their future."

Mr AR Chin
Assistant Director HR
Kydon Holdings

"Andy has put the customer’s needs way above his own, even at the expense of sales. I wish to commend him for his sincerity, honesty, and integrity. You can rarely find a professional of his calibre in the market today."


We are a passionate group of intelligent and forward-looking financial advisers with an eye on the markets and the future. We want to be known as a trusted financial advisory firm in the region that provides winning solutions for clients.

At Synergy, you will have the opportunity to offer your clients customized solutions crafted from our selected list of approved products from a number of major life insurance companies, as well as an extensive wealth of investment funds from our approved list of professional fund managers.

We diligently invest in our people, training and developing their competency, providing the best tools and platform, so that we can better serve our clients. Foundation Training to Skillsets Development, Business Specialization to Management Training, these are all the examples of training modules that Synergy is committed to developing our people, and to growing collectively as one team.

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To be the most admired Financial Advisory firm in Asia


Working together to achieve financial freedom by harnessing technology and innovation


People, Professionalism and Progress