Danny Lee

CFP®, IBFA, MFADirector

Danny is a highly-respected member of Synergy Financial Advisers, where he has been a valued contributor since 2011. He holds a 2nd Upper Class Honors Business Degree majoring in Financial Analysis from NTU. As a founding member of the Investment Advisory Committee, Danny has played a crucial role in developing the Asset Allocation and Investment Methodology for the company. His exceptional skills and expertise have been vital to the growth and success of the organization.

In recognition of his outstanding achievements, Danny has received numerous top awards as a practicing CFP®. He is a six-time MDRT Qualifier from 2018 to 2023, including the Court of the Table in 2023. Danny's sales achievements in investment products such as unit trusts and other securities are a testament to his knowledge and dedication to the industry.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Danny is a passionate leader and mentor. As the director of Voda Branch, he leads and empowers a team of competent advisers, helping them to develop their skills and reach their potential. Danny is also a sought-after internal and external trainer and speaker, and he regularly shares his expertise and insights at platform events in Singapore and the region.

Danny's client-centric approach to financial advising is evident in his dedication to building strong and lasting relationships with his clients. His focus on understanding their needs and priorities has earned him the trust and loyalty of many satisfied clients in Singapore and beyond.

Mr Nick
User Experience Executive

"Danny has been a inspiring leader throughout the years that I've been working alongside with him. He is someone who constantly challenged me to do bigger and better things, back me up during difficult times, have the flexibility to solve problems in an ever-changing workplace and treat others with dignity and respect I've always been thankful to have Danny as a role model and I've learnt great personal and professional skills from him through the journey working with him. Thank you for being a great mentor."

Ms Crystal Teoh

"Danny is a good hearted man with great leadership qualities. Under his leadership has taught me many valuable concepts and given me great guidance. It has been a wonderful journey working with him. Thank you for being a great mentor."

Ms Esther Chia

"Danny helped me to restructure my entire family of 5’s medical coverage in 2021. It was a fairly massive exercise as we had to review all existing policies and at the same time, decide what makes sense going forward. Given that we are not experts in medical insurance coverage, he was patient in guiding us through the technicalities and documentation. In his financial planning for myself and my family, he demonstrated mastery in financial planning and provided sound advice for our consideration. Through his analysis on my retirement planning, I could see what are the gaps I need to plug to achieve the desired retirement plan. Danny is personable and extremely easy to work with. It has been a joyful experience and Danny has made something complex like financial planning so easy to grasp and follow. Thank you!"

Ms Huimin

"Danny went above and beyond his role as an advisor. He places the needs of his clients as his first priority and it was evident from his unbiased and honest take on the policy which I greatly appreciate. He is conscientious and thorough and would pre-empt the next steps required to make the process more efficient."

Ms Lee Xean

"he is very patient and detailed when explaining/answering questions. not pushy like how certain agents can be like when trying to convince their clients to purchase their products."

Jadason Wang
Talent Acquisition Executive

"My trust in Danny was built way before I approached him for matters pertaining to finances. He is a great friend and mentor who genuinely cares for people and does his best to support others, which is why I believed he would give his whole heart in helping me with my personal finances. I witnessed his professionalism and expertise as he went to great lengths to find out what my needs were and would make sure that they were met. I felt well taken care of and secure when he made sure that every area of my life was covered financially. Danny is a Financial Adviser who really loves people and I am eternally grateful for him!"

Ms Sharon Tay
Manager, Hr Talent Acquisition
Marriott International

"I have known Danny for awhile now and has entrusted my personal insurances to him not too long ago. With his vast knowledge, customer-centric mindset and reliable, he was able to curate personalized plans that would meet my needs in the long term basis. It would be safe to say that I am in good hands to have Danny being my dedicated Financial Adviser."

Mr Kevin Tan

"#honesty #integrity #intelligence #effective Danny has always been honest, above reproach, and very professional in his role as an advisor. He is also very personable and at many times, gone the extra mile to assist us in our queries and needs. Danny demonstrates good knowledge and experience in his field! He’s definitely one of the first few people I would approach if I had finance-related questions!"

Mr Alexander Theo
Senior Price Reporter (iron Ore)
Fastmarkets MB

"Danny and I go way back to when he first started off as an agent. What I'm most impressed by Danny is that he is meticulous and really able to break things down for the average layman. He knows how to explain the technicality of various finance products an reassures his clients (like myself). Danny has high morals and integrity as well because every thing will be made clear and if there are still blurry lines, he will not ask for a signature at all. Danny is truly a professional in his field and never fails to follow up on his clients' needs. Old school local slang to describe Danny would be "He really very steady one! Not steady bom pipi type!" Thank you again Danny for assisting me all these years with my health and wealth portfolios."

Dr Angie
Associate Professor

"Danny is not only a financial advisor but also a trusted friend. He also has a deep knowledge of financial markets and instruments. I can trust Danny to give me good advise regarding financial decisions. He also listens carefully and makes recommendations that suits my constraints and situation rather than just making a sales pitch. I would highly recommend Danny to my friends!"

Ms Diane Tan Si Qi

"Danny is a great person with great character. He is very trustworthy and provides excellent service. He has made the process of dealing with insurance easy and painless. Danny is very knowledgeable in his profession and is a pleasure to work with as well. I will definitely recommend my friends to him. Thank you for your service and keep up the good work."

Mrs Agnes Tan

"My husband Steven & I appreciate how Danny was patient & thorough in going through our family insurance portfolio with us. We trust his sincere attitude, product knowledge & sound advice. As such, we were open to hear his recommendations on our other financial coverage needs. Thank you Danny!"