Andy Seo


"Finally! I found an adviser who is prompt, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and always assisting us to find the appropriate solution. Andy Seo of Synergy Financial Advisers has helped saved us thousands of dollars! I look forward to a long-term relationship with him at Synergy. Thanks for everything, Andy!"

"Andy is warm, friendly and sincere. Rare to find someone with such attention to details. Definitely someone you could count on in insurance as he knows his things thoroughly. Highly recommend him!"

Mr AR Chin
Assistant Director HR
Kydon Holdings

Client of Andy Seo, CWMP, AFC®

"Andy has put the customer’s needs way above his own, even at the expense of sales. I wish to commend him for his sincerity, honesty, and integrity. You can rarely find a professional of his calibre in the market today. "

"Andy's product knowledge and personalised advice are the best I had so far. He knows well about investments too and conducts in-depth calculation for me on the spreadsheet. He saved me tons of time looking for good insurances and funds. I'm sure either layman or geek will find him worth a long term relationship."
Mrs S

Mrs Samantha
Business Development

Client of Andy Seo, CWMP, AFC®

"Before I met Andy, I never believed in getting insurance. However, his sincerity and transparency towards my family and I made me decide to give it a try. I took his advise and applied for a couple of plans to cover myself and my family - and it was one of the best decisions that I made because not a year later, my son and I were both hospitalised. Thanks to Andy and his foresight, we saved quite a fair amount on hospital bills which were covered by the plans. During the periods of our hospitalisation, he was really responsive and attentive towards us and our queries. Claims were also settled quickly. Thank you Andy!"

Ms Charis Low

Client of Andy Seo, CWMP, AFC®

"I had a condition and had to undergo a surgery. Andy was very responsive and was there throughout the entire episode to advise and support me. Thank you for ensuring a seamless medical claim. "

"Andy is a true professional who have my interest at heart. He is sincere and trustworthy, answering all my queries anytime of the day promptly and clearly. He only makes recommendations that benefit me the most and will explain why is that so. Highly recommend him to all my family and friends!"

"Andy has great knowledge of his products. Always looking for promotions/better solutions for his clients. Especially love his efficency and responsiveness. Which is why i got my whole family to port their plans over to him. Always so easy to get in contact with him -be it just a question or a meet up! Highly recommend!"

Ms Yeap Yoon Ting
Suez Water Technologies and Solutions, Singapore

Client of Andy Seo, CWMP, AFC®

"I have known about Andy through one of my Friend. He is trustworthy and understood my financial needs and recommended me according to what I looked for it. He took time to understand my needs and provided me several options and advices in arranging my hospitalisation plan."