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SYNERGY provides a comprehensive array of solutions, including life, general, investment, and high - net - worth offerings.Consult with our advisers to ensure that we understand your needs and tailor the most suitable solution for you.

Corporate Solutions

We provide the necessary coverage and welfare to keep the business operations running and your people covered. We also provide advice on coverage of a business throughout every stage of its development.

Group Insurance

A popular choice for companies planning to look after the primary welfare of its employees.

Off-the-shelf or customised based on company size

One-stop voluntary employee benefit program to enhance the well-being of employees

Business Keyman Protection

Have you ever felt your lifestyle could affect your health in the long term?

Access to emergency funds for sudden demise, disability, or critical illness

Ensure continuous business operations during leadership transitions

Golden Handcuff

Strategic Insurance Solutions for Key Asset Retention and Enhanced Employee Protection

Utilise insurance tools to build a substantial pension fund for key assets

Extend coverage to key employees or their family members for added protection

Business Buy-Sell Funding

How will your business handle the sudden death of a major shareholder and the potential entry of their spouse as a new partner?

Consider acquiring shares to maintain business continuity

Prepare for such situations with our cost-effective solutions

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