Derrick Chee

AEPP®Deputy Director

Ms Rigine Tay
Data Analyst

"I have heard good things about Derrick and the good impression more than doubled to good rapport after he serviced me as his first-time client. An extremely personable advisor who does not mind inconveniences at his end, doesn't shortchange you even if product worth may not be high, and who gives me the confidence that he can be counted on for follow through and thinks for his clients' interest as his core servicing value. Very prompt updates and is patient throughout his answering of the nuts-and-bots questions. Happy with his competency in selection options for me and the bonus of enjoying an authentic friendship with such a high EQ person. So! THANK YOU Derrick yoz!"

Mr Thomas
Vice President

"I first knew Derrick through ICT and his warm and genuine personality struck out during that time. He is never aggressive in promoting his plans and in fact it’s his genuine concern on ensuring that his clients/friends are sufficiently covered for any medical emergencies that won over me. Slowly, together we have since built a portfolio that ensures that I have do not leave any commitments/liabilities to my family should anything happen. He has also ensured that from a retirement perspective, I am comfortable financially. I have recommended several friends to him and they all share the same perspective that his genuinity and commitment is what that stands out amongst all the financial planners they know so far. Keep up the good work Derrick!"

Mr Aaron Lim

"If your insurance agent is just doing the bare minimum, you might think about calling Derrick Chee to review your current situation. He’s honest and he’s a man you can trust."

Ms Catherine
Head Of Finance

"Derrick has been managing our insurances for more than 10 years. He’s helpful, knowledgeable and easily contactable which is very important to us when it comes to someone who’s managing our portfolio. Whenever there’s a meet-up, he’s always well prepared. Highly recommended financial advisor."

Group Accountant

"Derrick has always been my trusted agent to handle my insurance portfolio. He did a fantastic job, was efficient and very professional."


"Derrick has been patient and careful in making sure I make the right decision. He exceeds my expectations in a financial advisor, making sure my concerns are addressed and providing the best solutions. I'm confident and very assured to leave my problems to him."

Ms Lai Kim Yin
Senior Admin Assistant

"Derrick provide Excellent, prompt service! The kind of service that has the customer first in mind!”"

Mr Thomson

"I knew Derrick Chee few years back when I first moved to Singapore. And I felt it was the time for me to plan for my Insurance. Derrick is a very patient and met me few times to understood my needs and short & long term plan before recommending the correct insurance product. I am glad to trust my financial plan and could have comfortable coverage with his plan suggestion. It was pleasant and definitely recommended financial and insurance advisor Derrick Chee."

Ms Aelis Seah
Asst. Manager

"It’s clear that Derrick worked very hard to find the best value for our personal insurance, even in spite of the fact we had some unusual circumstances. He was extremely patient and informative. He completed research in a very timely manner. He made “insurance hunting” better than it otherwise has been. Thank you for these 14 years & many years to go.. Thank you!"

Ms Deepthi
Director, Bank Operations

"I was introduced to Derrick about 5 years ago and since then i have been impressed with his level of committment and attention to detail in following up on appointments, changes to policies or a general update. Hes friendly, approachable and I have enjoyed interacting with him. I have spoken to other agents in the past but not found them to be as helpful as Derrick. Thank you for all your help over the last few years"

Ms Neo Lay Yan
Jean yip

"Dear Derrick chee you’re a excellent agent that has been servicing me throughout the whole year, best regards"

Ms Elise Voo
Marcom Manager

"I have known Derrick for two decades as a friend and he is a dedicated Financial Advisor. He always put the needs of the client first. He is one who listen carefully to what client said and empathize with what I really want and need. He is tactful and knows how to set financial investment based on my priorities. He tells the truth and wins my trust!"