Harris Mak

CWMP, AEPP®, AFPCMAssociate Director

Harris is an Associate Director in Synergy. He believes in Empowering Others to have better lives by Wisely Conserve, Protect and Accumulate Wealth for more than a decade through financial advisory.

He gives his best to help clients in making sound financial decisions that will impact their future positively.

He has Certified Wealth Management Professional (CWMP) and Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP) certification.

Mr Lim Jun Kai
SFA Management Intern Associate

"I had the privilege to be mentored by Harris during the course of my internship at Synergy. Harris is highly committed to helping me grow as an employee. He has arranged meetings with successful entrepreneurs, where I had the opportunity to tag along and learn from their invaluable experience. Whenever I have questions or concerns, Harris responds promptly and ensures that my issues have been resolved. His patience and willingness to help have motivated me to do the best job I can."

Mr Jeremiah Teo
Professional Trainer
Charisma Academy

"As a knowledgeable and data-savvy Financial Planner with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Harris has proven to possess remarkable financial foresight and commendable investment acumen in providing sound advices whenever we meet for follow-up sessions. In addition, he never fails to take time required to explain and help me comprehend rather complex rationales behind investment principles and common oversights faced. I would highly recommend Harris if you are looking for a responsible and proactive Financial Planner with strong investment and risk management insights."

Ms Daryl Fawn K

"I know Harris through my previous firm corporate employee benefits program. Throughout my encounter with Harris, I find him to be very professional and knowledgeable in his field of work. There are few instances that my investments have avoided losses after taking his advice. I am thankful for his advices or else the investment decisions that I made on my own will be detrimental to my finances. Now Harris has been my adviser in all of my financial planning. To me, he is the go-to-person who has strong fundamentals and foresight in corporate and personal finance advisory."

Mr Melvin Y
CEO and Technologist

"Harris is someone I trust. He is truly a trusted advisor and friend. As an insurance advisor, he is thorough in planning and assisting my family and I with claims and maintenance of our policies. And as a financial planner, he is very knowledgable about wealth creation and management. I’ve benefited very much from his wisdom and generosity in sharing what he knows."


Ms Juliana Cheok

"I have known Harris for more than 15 years. His meticulous, faithful and enthusiasm for work has always been inspiring. Other than regular meet up session, he will not hesitate to meet up whenever he sees an opportunity to build up my “empire”. He is extremely patient to share about the market situation and his views on the directions of my investments. He is not a “pushy” person but work within my means. I remember I was losing quite a fair amount of my investment from another financial planner who did not take good care of my portfolio. Harris told me he will try his very best to recover the losses. In less than 2 years’ time, he not only recovered the losses but I have margined up my investments. I would seriously recommend him to anyone who is really keen in growing their investment empire and wanted an accountable financial planner to work with"

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