Garrick Lin

CWMP, AEPP®Associate Director

Mr Caster Teoh
Assistant Manager
Ogilvy & Mather

"It is often daunting to find your own trusted adviser in this saturated market. And making a decision to settle on one is even tougher when everyone's singing similar praises about their personal advisers. There is no doubt I have faith in Garrick – he is prompt with replies and armed with an arsenal of product/market knowledge. And perhaps patient to a fault (I mean we have to take time to consider our coverage, yes?). So if you have to shortlist someone to meet, pick Garrick – and take it from there. He is all the good things said about all of the advisers you have heard, but the definitive difference is that with his dedication and pleasant demeanour - he could be your soulmate in meeting your financial needs."

Ms S

Ms Sharon

"Friendly, sincere and provide good advice. He is very knowledgeable and efficient when explaining policy and details to me. Definitely someone you can count on in insurance as he knows his things thoroughly. A reliable agent and friend."


Tan Joon Hui

"Garrick is committed and provide good advice whenever you require it. Recommended!"

Mr J

Mr Jeremy
Sales Executive

"Garrick has been a efficient and helpful consultant. He has been my first policy consultant and i have never look at others since. He has always his clients best interest and will always provide the best policy based on clients' present situation. He didn't hard sell or rather, provides scenerios and options so his clients always can have time to think and to decide. All and all, he is a perfect consultant which i believe fellow trades should look upon and learn from"

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