Cheryl Huang

AWPCM, MFADeputy Director

Ms Zoee

"Cheryl 是一个你一定要认识的财务经纪。我是在朋友的介绍下,认识了Cheryl。服务好,细心,回应快,是一个很可靠的人。我们也渐渐的变成了好朋友!"

Mr Cliff Chan
Senior Associate Engineer
ST Electronics

"Please meet my buddy Cheryl Huang. We have known each other for almost 2 decades and she has been a very good friend to me and my family. I must say she plans very well for me and my family, besides raising my protection coverage she has also helped me to save money on my insurance premiums. She is also there whenever advise is needed, I will definitely recommend her."

Ms Catherine Chua
Document Controller

"Please meet Cheryl, my financial adviser. I got to know her through my friend. Cheryl is really different from the previous agents that I have met. She is not only attentive and she understands what I want and she is also very patient to clearly let me understand my current portfolio. I am very sure you will not regret meeting her."

Ms Nurasmin
Document Controller

"Hi my name is Nurasmin Amin, working as lead document controller in the west part of Singapore. I am pleased to know Cheryl in March 2017, who was appointed to manage my Manulife Investment which I have not heard from their representative for many years. Cheryl is a cheerful and hardworking financial adviser. We clicked as friends in no time. With her professionalism in providing information on the financial planning, helps me to achieve a better retirement plan. I had introduced a colleague to Cheryl and she was pleased with Cheryl support and advise in the financial process. Keep up the good work Cheryl! Cheers, Nura"

Ms Sandy


Ms Fang Hong
Data Analyst

"I am highly impressed with the services that Cheryl has provided to me and I wish you express my sincerest thankfulness towards her. This is in reference to the life policy that I had taken from you. Prior to the acceptance, Cheryl had thoroughly review all my current policies (not just one but many) and able to provide the most favorable insurance that you believe, I should deserve based on the amount I had paid. So far, no agent I met was able to consolidate all my insurances and maximize the coverage except CHERYL. In addition, she has gone extra miles of accompanying me to the doctor to ensure my current insurances that I buy accept my currently yearly checkup condition. Such a dedicate agent like Cheryl is really hard to find. And I take this opportunity to wish all the best for your future works Cheryl! Cheers!"

Mr Keith Khoo
Senior Executive

"Finally! I found an insurance agent who is prompt, knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly, always finding us the best deal. It’s clear that Cheryl worked very hard to find the best value for our homeowners insurance, even in spite of the fact we had some unusual circumstances. She was extremely patient and informative. She completed research in a very timely manner. I appreciate also that you used your experience and expertise to help save money on those policies.Thank you!"

Ms Joyce See
Digital Marketing Manager

"Cheryl is a gem. My husband and I decided to give our insurance portfolios an overhaul this year and Cheryl went out of her way to truly understand our needs, and our lifestyles before recommending policies that'd suit us. What's more, she made all the information super easy to digest and made the entire process a breeze. She always goes out of her way to help us find an answer (even if it's not something she directly manages). She is thoughtful, genuine and definitely cares enough and thus, is so great at what she does. Cheryl, keep doing what you do :) We're thankful and we know we're in good hands."

Ms Rachel Teo

"I have known Cheryl for many years and decided to switch my wealth and insurance management to her. She has been constantly keeping me updated, and will analyse the current situation to best fit my needs. Ever since then, I engaged her to manage my husband and baby portfolio too. Our family appreciates her sincerity and efforts, and we highly recommend her."

Ms Yvonne Tay

"Even though Cheryl is already successful and managing a team, her service level, detailed explanations, responsiveness and high level of empathy has not changed. She applies her financial strategies to her own portfolio before sharing with clients which is not commonly found in an advisor. She displayed strong passion in what she does and is genuine in wanting to help her clients grow in their investments as well as get them protected. I would highly recommend Cheryl anytime."

Mr Calvin Ooi
Business Analyst

"I was looking into investments & insurances, not understanding anything about them, when a friend shared the great introduction. Took the time to share current standings, ideas & potential directions for the future while Cheryl incorporated the sharing & set up suitable plans to match. Great character to have patience to explain & elaborate as I raise questions over hundreds of pages of documents of plans & to add, sharing of her experiences and plan examples of other clients, that I may get a sense of comparison & understanding of plans by people of various age group, income bracket, etc. With much sharing of knowledge, I now revisit other plans I had in my portfolio that were set up without much understanding. Along with the financial planning services I received, I made a friend as well, one who has made much difference for my road ahead. Thank you so much, Cheryl."

Mr Melvin Tan
Marketing Manager

"Cheryl is first of all very attentive in understanding her client's needs and life trajectory. This helped inform her proposal of how to structure our insurance and financial planning. She also used very simple and concise language in her explanation of the jargon because I've personally felt it very difficult to understand financial terms and conditions. All in all, I would definitely recommend speaking to her if you need to sort out your protection and financial investment matters."