Tynn Lim

ChFC®, CLU®, IBFADeputy Director

Tynn specialises in risk and wealth management for individuals and corporate clients. Currently, she is SYNERGY's Deputy Director (Financial Advisory) and sits on SYNERGY’S Insurance Product Advisory Committee.

In order to continuously better serve her clients, Tynn constantly aligns herself with industry standards. Over the years, she attained Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®), Certified Wealth Management Professional (CWMP™) professional designations and also holds an IBF Advanced Certification issued by the Institute of Banking and Finance (Singapore). In addition to recommending general financial planning strategies, Tynn is also a certified Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®).

Tynn is committed to fulfilling every client's unique financial needs. Her dedication is recognised through achieving multiple awards, including the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals®.

Through various public, client appreciation and corporate seminars, Tynn also shares her passion, knowledge and industry experience.

You can count on Tynn to advise individuals and corporations on a wide spectrum of financial services with great competency & professional dedication.

Ms Candyce Ravianna Low
Cabin Crew

"I have been getting my policies from Tynn for years. She is knowledgeable, responsible and do not ‘hard sell’ her policies. I had a few financial planners before she came along. They all sold me policies and then left the financial advisor line. Needless to say, after they left, there are practically no one to service my policies. Tynn has always been in this industry. She is always here to take care of my questions and to constantly update me with regards to change in policy’s terms or new policies available. She will be my one and only financial advisor for many years to come. It’s really hard to come by a dedicated financial advisor. Great job done, Tynn!"

Mr. Marque Lai
Customer Experience Manager

"I have known Tynn way back, even before she has made it so successfully in her career. One thing about Tynn is that she CARES about her clients and treats them with sincerity. I had a few agents/advisors before her and slowly she became the one that I go to everytime. She is ever dependable and always ready to answer your questions. Her knowledge of insurance, the process on claims and payout, documents required are impeccable. You can ask her almost anything and she is able to answer with great confidence and will even sometimes text you in the middle of the night to affirm her answer to you. Her response speed is superb and would go the extra mile for her clients to ensure that their needs are answered to. Sometimes I even wonder whether she sleeps because of the efficiency she demonstrates. There is no other people I would recommend to my friends and colleagues if they ever require any financial advisor, because of her attitude and professionalism. She appreciates the word of referral and tries her very best in her role, for she knows she also carries the reputation of her referrer. That’s what makes me trust her so much and believe that she is always on the lookout for my best interest. I hope Tynn continues to shine and spread her wings to scale greater heights and if you ever need an advisor that is dependable, trustworthy and professional, Tynn Lim is the person you are looking for. Go Tynn! Marque Lai A very tenured and still the extremely satisfied client"

Ms Julie Ong
Head of HR

"My company was looking to renew and revise our corporate insurance plans but it was time consuming and complicated for me to review. It was indeed a blessing to have Tynn help me navigate, screen and recommend the right plan for us. Through her relationships with the various agencies, she was able to "tailor made" a comprehensive and cost effective plan. She did an excellent job in ensuring that we transit from our old plan to the new one."

Dawn Wang

"Tynn has always been there for my family and I since 2008 to provide us with numerous financial advices and planning. She is a trustworthy adviser who will always try to draw up the most affordable and complete plan for us so that we can be well covered and protected. She is flexible and will try to accede to our sometimes unreasonable requests within her means. Whenever there are new changes to the policies she will update and advice accordingly, thus we can really depend on her to manage our policies wholeheartedly without any worries. Be it a life insurance, saving plans, investment plans or travel insurance, Tynn will always provide us with the most comprehensive plan within our budget, risk appetite and financial goals. She is extremely helpful and patient in explaining all the financial plans to us especially to my parents who have zero knowledge about the financial jargons. A recent anecdote assured me further that we have a right choice in entrusting all our financial planning to her. My mum was hospitalized with appendicitis and this was the first time we were making a hospitalization claim. I had completely no idea how to go about doing with, especially with all the paper work involved. Immediately, I called Tynn and sought her advice and she went into the details on what I need to do and documents I need to keep. Despite her hectic schedule, she would call me every day for that week to check on my mum’s condition, while at the same time, remind me to keep the necessary important documents required for the claims. Through her advice and help, we managed to claim pre- and post-surgery expenses which we never knew were claimable. Tynn is one noteworthy, impartial and lively financial consultant whom we can trust and I will definitely recommend her to all of my friends and relatives."

Mr Jason
Logistics Analyst

"Tynn is a a detail oriented and friendly professional in the financial advisory industries. She believe and commit in her work with lots of passion. She is a meticulous lady. She keep her clients up to date whenever there is a amendment in the policy, especially during this global pandemic. She is extremely helpful in answering all the queries and one outstanding advantage about about Tynn. She is never pushy about selling her products. Most importantly, a good advisor is able to identify on which products fits for each individual. Good Job Tynn. Keep up great momentum"

Ms Hui Cheng
Finance Manager

"I have known Tynn for years. She has been my "insurance-pedia" whenever I have any questions on the different type of insurance products. She is always ready to share her knowledge in insurance even before I became her client. She is capable of telling me the key points of the coverage and explain in layman terms for people to understand the coverage easily. Probably due to my job nature, the amount spends on insurance coverages have to make sense on company and personal level. I remembered a Worldwide Public Liability coverage that the company had with another Financial Advisor which is a bit complicated. I sought her help and she managed to streamline the coverages. She advised what is needed accordingly so as not to double insured after understanding the other coverages the company have. Her efficiency and follow-up on insurance issues earned praises from my colleagues too! Keep up the good work Tynn. Hope that more people can benefits from your advice and get the right coverages for their insurance needs."

Ms Amelie Tan

"Tynn has been a wonderful agent throughout the years! She's very professional and a pleasure to talk to, and is always prompt with her advice and product recommendations. Additionally, Tynn also provides comprehensive information every step of the way to make sure that I make informed decisions about my policies. I'd strongly recommend her to anyone who needs insurance advice in Singapore!"