The Total Defence Awards ("TDA") was first introduced in 1986 to recognise businesses -- specifically employers and civil resource owners -- for their contributions towards Total Defence ("TD"). The TDA has been revamped in 2015 to strengthen advocacy for National Service ("NS") by encouraging others to play their part in supporting our national servicemen.

This year, SYNERGY Financial Advisers ("SYNERGY") was honoured to be 1 of the 71 Small and Medium Enterprises to be awarded the NS Advocate Award for SMEs (2022). It is the highest accolade awarded to businesses, organisations and individuals in recognition of their exemplary support toward TD and NS.

Prior to receiving TDA 2022, SYNERGY was a recipient of the NS Mark (Gold) accreditation in 2019 and NS Mark accreditation in 2016. SYNERGY was recognised for having demonstrated a higher level of support by implementing pro-NS policies and practices as well as advocating support for NS. We play a crucial role as a supporter of TD, ensuring that our National Servicemen can balance their family, work, and NS commitments.

SYNERGY salutes our National Servicemen for this contribution to the Total Defence of Singapore.