We provide the necessary coverage and welfare to keep the business operations running and your people covered.

We also provide advice on coverage of a business throughout every stage of its development.

Group Insurance

Group Insurance is a popular choice for companies planning to look after the primary welfare of its employees.

Depending on the size of the company, group insurance can come in ready “off-the-shelf” package or customized to the needs of the company. We also provide a one-stop voluntary employee benefit program to enhance the well-being of the employees.

Business Keyman Protection

You may wish to protect the key executives or professionals responsible for the bottom line of your business.

In the event of a sudden demise, disability or critical illness, you will have access to an emergency fund to keep the business operations running while you find your replacement.

Golden Handcuff

We can help you retain your key assets by leveraging on insurance tools to accumulate a sizeable pension fund, while at the same time provide additional coverage on your key employees or their family members.

Business Buy-Sell Funding

What will happen to your business if one of the major shareholders were to pass away suddenly? Will you be prepared to welcome the demised shareholder’s spouse as your new business partner?

Will it be better if you can buy over his/her shares and keep the business running as per normal? Where will you get the funds to buy over the shares? We can help you prepare for such situations in a cost-effective manner.