Synergy Financial Advisers is pleased to announce that we attended the recent gala dinner for the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH). As a company committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity in our industry, we were proud to work with SAVH to achieve this goal.

SAVH is a non-profit organization that aims to empower and improve the lives of visually impaired individuals in Singapore. Their work includes providing support services, advocacy, and training to help those with visual impairments lead independent and fulfilling lives.

As a financial advisory firm, we recognize the importance of providing accessible and accommodating services to all our clients. We believe that everyone should have equal access to financial services, regardless of their abilities. Our presence at the event was made even more meaningful by our engagement with Mr. Josh Tseng, an accomplished speaker from SG Enable, a leading consultancy firm in Singapore that specializes in accessibility and inclusivity in digital technology. This consultancy firm is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for accessibility and inclusivity in digital technology.

In the near future, we will engage Mr. Josh Tseng to deliver a workshop on inclusive digital services. He will share his expertise on the different accessibility features and tools that can be implemented to make digital services more user-friendly and inclusive for people with disabilities. We are excited about the opportunity to learn from Mr. Tseng and to work with SAVH to promote inclusivity and accessibility in financial services.

We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in our industry and look forward to exploring more ways to collaborate with SAVH and other organizations with similar goals. We thank SAVH for organizing such a meaningful event and for the important work they do in promoting inclusivity and accessibility in Singapore.