It is no secret that SYNERGY highly values continuous learning and education. This can be evidently seen in our efforts in encouraging our workforce to adopt a lifelong learning approach and utilise the skills learnt in their daily work and life. Likewise, SYNERGY also believes in supporting younger generations in their journey towards academic excellence and value adding to their future employees.

To reinforce our beliefs in the importance of education, SYNERGY has partnered with Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) to establish a Synergy Financial Advisers’ Convocation Award to inspire students to strive for excellence in their education since 2017.

Annually, 3 Top Graduands from SUSS Business School are recognised for their outstanding performance through this Synergy Financial Advisers’ Convocation Award. The best part of this award is that it has no bond and no strings attached!

2021 Synergy Financial Advisers’ Convocation Award

Today, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and recognise the following Awardees from Class 2021 through our platforms. We have also invited them to share with us their experience in winning the Award.

Gold Award: Jamie Tan

“It is an honour to be awarded the Synergy Financial Advisers Gold Award. I strongly believe success can be possible with hard work and determination. I am grateful for the experiences which moulded me into a strong, resilient individual today. This memorable milestone achievement would not have been possible without the support from my lecturers, friends and loved ones.”

Silver Award: Joanna Loh

“Thank you Synergy Financial Advisers for bestowing this award upon me! This award has made me recognise that my hard work has paid off and it serves as a motivator as I charge towards the next phase of my life. I’m excited to share this award with my family that has provided me with their endless support over the years!”

Bronze Award: Tay Hui Min

“Thank you Synergy Financial Advisers for the award! Receiving this award definitely made me feel that my hard work has paid off, and I hope to carry this attitude towards my job in the future! That aside, I'm looking forward to sharing this award with my family that has supported me throughout my education these years”

Once again, congratulations to all award winners and thank you for making it such a meaningful experience for us! Your hard work and determination has paid off and we are extremely proud of your achievements.

SYNERGY understands the importance of education and knowledge, we will continue to extend our support to SUSS and their students through this program for the many years ahead!

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