Derrick Chee

AEPP®Associate Director

Ms J

Ms Jeslyn

"Best advisor I’ve ever come across in the insurance industry! Reliable, trustworthy and most efficient. He will always be just one call away. He never says NO or I’m Busy now."


Ms Julie Foo Lee Kin

"Derrick has been my Financial Advisor for the past thirteen years. I have found him to be an honest, thorough and thoughtful person who has always had my best interests at heart and would only recommend policies that best meet my needs. He will patiently explain the finer aspects of the policies before I sign up for them. Another winning point about Derrick is that he is not a pushy person who is only concerned about closing a deal regardless of whether it benefits the client. I have every confidence that he will continue to offer his excellent and helpful service to others. Keep up the good work, Derrick!"


Mr Alexis Chee
Divetech Marine Services Pte Ltd

"Over the years that I have dealt with Derrick, I put up 3 main points to describe him. He is caring, honest and patient. Derrick has always been sincere and caring towards all his clients' situations. The product he proposes are what the client needs and is not pushy for policies that do not benefit me as a client. Derrick is also an honest individual who is upfront about what policies sold exclude and even his sharing how his remuneration is being calculated from policies sold. I find this very rare in other representatives who are more about maximising revenues and earnings for themselves. Lastly, Derrick is a very patient individual who will allow you to take your time to consider carefully on which ever policies proposed.He does not hard sell nor hound you to meet up for coffee or tea just to add more pressure into the decision making process. Overall, I am very happy to have Derrick as my insurance representative. I do not hesistate to check back with him on all aspects of insurance and have also seeked feedback on products that are not offered by him. He has been objective and impartial when it comes to such, with the sole objective of making sure clients get the best of coverage to suit their needs. Keep it up Derrick!"


Ms Phylis Ang

"Appreciate your assistance and expertise in helping me with my insurance. He is professional, trustworthy, patient and has made the process of dealing with insurance easy and painless. I will recommend him to others for their insurance needs. Thank you."

Ms C

Ms Casey

"Insurance is something that really helps when unexpected stuffs happens, and having an agent that believes in this is equally important. Derrick believes in that and really introduced me products that I really need and can afford according to my financial status. Am really fortunate to have him as my adviser and appreciates the hard work he does when I need help."


Ms Jane Yeo
Moments that last

"Derrick has been always been my trusty financial adviser. I love that he’s not only thoughtful and caring but he tries his best to take care of whatever needs and doubts that I may have and patiently explain them to me. He’s always very efficient in his response and he won’t keep me waiting for too long if there’s ever anything that I need to ask him. I believe and have such high trust in his service that I even referred him to my sisters and Daughter. Very very lucky to have met Derrick, and will always be grateful and thankful for his service."


Ms Evelyn Lau

"Best advisor I’ve ever got in the insurance industry! Reliable, trustworthy, personal and most efficient!"


Mr William Tan
Senior Manager
Triangle Auto Pte Ltd

"Derrick is attentive, resourceful, helpful who always try his bests to provide personalized service!!"

Miss CYH

Miss Chee Young Heng
Allied Health Professional
National University Hospital

"The most important quality that makes Derrick a good insurance agent is commitment. He is friendly and passionate about his works. It can be a frustrating experience if it is different persons serving me, but i am luckily to meet Derrick who makes me feels assure when i sign my policies and when i make claims. Derrick have the ability to listen to you, gauge your level of understanding in this industry and relate these terms to you adequately. He is a honest agent who acts with integrity and food faith. I would highly recommend him to any friends and family."


Ms Kim Yin
Senior Admin Assistant

"Derrick Chee have been our financial advisors for the past eight years. He have always offered financial advice based on our personal needs. He keep in regular contact with us and provide us with ongoing advice as our needs. He take the time needed to fully explain our options and to guide us in an appropriate direction."


Ms Angela Lok
Head, Business Development - Women’s Network
SPH Magazines Pte Ltd

"I’ve always felt in good hands with derrick handling my investments. Never needed to bother deep into details as he will always recommend the best for me. And will alert me if he feels my funds are not performing. Also he’s ever ready to answer any queries I have, even if he doesn’t have the answer in hand, he will make sure he’ll check and get back to me. It’s impeccable service!"


Ms Adeline Kin
JP Morgan

"Derrick is the friendliest guy I knew.... He is always very prompt with my enquires and get back to me as soon as he could. He is very knowledgeable and efficient when explaining policy and details to me. My always reliable agent and friend for the last 15 years."

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