Anthony Lee

Relationship Manager

Ms Joyce Chew

"Mr Anthony Lee is a well organised and merticulous with customers. Always efficient and have patience to reply to cuatomers' queries and doubts. A friendly adviser."

Mr Jeremy Chin
Policy Coordinator

"A well merticulous and understanding financial planner who would go out of his way to understand the needs of his clients. In service wise he would go the extra miles to ensure that the provisions of the necessary matters are well taken care of so as to provide a peace of mind for his customers. He is also a very good team player and display leadership capabilities and any companies who have him on board is able to tap on his wealth of experience to chart a path for a better tomorrow."

Mr Andy Tan
Sales and Marketing Director
CAD-IT Consultants Pte Ltd

"Anthony have always been able to advise what is best coverage for me balancing between what is affordable for my budget"

Mr Randall Lee

"Anthony is a person that has his clients' best interests in mind and is consistently working to ensure that his clients' has sufficient financial coverage. He is a very knowledgable financial planner that is able to recommend and work around his clients' demands and needs. I am grateful for his thoroughness and time spent with me to ensure that I have the best plans to meet my personal financial needs."

Ms Neo Ch
Admin Executive
Singapore Armed Forces

"Anthony is a meticulous person who always put his client’s interest at top priorities and provides the extra miles to ensure the provision is well taken care of so as to meet the client’s overall financial objectives."