Willynn Soh


Wilynn Soh is an extraordinary individual with an innate ability to navigate the complex world of finance and insurance. As an esteemed adviser at Synergy for the past two years, she has established herself as a crucial asset within the team. Her gender may be just a characteristic, but her expertise and passion for her work is truly remarkable.

With a string of notable licenses under her belt, including GI, Investment, Life (A&H With Shield), Securities, Life, and Group, Wilynn possesses a wide-ranging skill set that enables her to provide comprehensive financial guidance to her clients. Her dedication to her craft is evident through her extensive list of qualifications, including an Advanced Diploma, Higher Diploma, and Graduate Diploma.

Wilynn's thirst for knowledge and growth is evident through the many certificates she has earned throughout her career. Among them are the prestigious M8, M8A, M9A, PGI, HI (Before Nov 2015), M6, BCP, M5, COM GI, M9, and M6A certifications. Each of these certifications represents her commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and advancements.

When engaging with clients, Wilynn's approach is rooted in empathy, understanding, and meticulous attention to detail. She effortlessly combines her technical expertise with her innate ability to connect with people, ensuring that every individual she assists receives personalized and tailored recommendations.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Wilynn is known for her warm and magnetic personality. Colleagues and clients alike are drawn to her positive energy and unwavering commitment to excellence. Her unparalleled work ethic and drive has earned her the trust and respect of everyone fortunate enough to collaborate with her.

In her spare time, Wilynn enjoys immersing herself in literature and always has a finger on the pulse of the industry's latest developments. She eagerly shares her insights and knowledge with her colleagues, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development.

In conclusion, Wilynn Soh is a force to be reckoned with in the financial industry. Her unparalleled expertise, extensive knowledge, and genuine dedication to her clients make her a valued and sought-after adviser at Synergy. Whether providing guidance on investments, insurance, or any other financial matter, Wilynn's dynamic nature and unwavering commitment to excellence always shine through.

Mr Marvin Lai
Associate Director
Synergy Financial Advisers Ltd

"Willynn motivates others through her vision, passion, and actions. She has a clear vision of the future, articulate it effectively, and rally others around it. She lead by example, showing dedication, resilience, and enthusiasm, which ignites a sense of purpose and drive in those around her. I appreciate her guidance in building up my team and business."

Ms Michelle Howell
Senior Relationship Manager
Synergy Financial Advisers

"Willynn is an experienced and knowledgeable financial adviser with her client’s best interest at heart. Willynn is generous with her time and is always willing to share her knowledge and expertise."

Mr Lim Soon Kiat
Service Manager
Mencast Marine Pte Ltd

"I am so comforted and appreciate that when I had a medical claim, Wilyn came to hospital immediately and see me through the process. Needed someone to speak to and meeting her does clear my worries and doubts. Glad to have her as my family insurance agent, her knowledge and expertise flow unconditional kindness Toward my family and I have always felt that I am in good hands. Wilyn, I sincerely thankful for everything you have done for the emotional and financial success of me and my family. Thank you."

Ms Amanda Yee

"i was introduced to willynn through a colleague. i had practically zero financial planning beyond some basic insurance coverage. over the past few years, willynn has helped review and improve my portfolio to cover gaps and put in place a proper plan for the future. she has consistently been very patient and clear with her explanations. she gives good advice and makes suggestions based on my requirements and preferences and she knows her products very well. would highly recommend."

Ms Cory Ang
Fitness Coach

"I was introduced to Willynn through a friend, and had very little knowledge of financial or health plans. Willynn was very patient with me in explaining how things work, and very professional and prompt with follow ups. She helped to identify what I was missing and needed to upgrade in my portfolio, and really helped to make everything as smooth and efficient as possible. I feel much more secure in my financial and health plan future thanks to Willynn."

Mr Lin Juan

"Willynn has been very helpful in explaining financial and insurance products, and in advising us based on our needs."

Ms Ai Lin
Accounts Manager

"Willynn helps to review my financial portfolio ensuring I am adequately covered in all areas. A financial advisor who is approachable, patient and most importantly, serving her clients with integrity. It is not easy to find someone you can trust and I am thankful that she is handling my portfolio. She deserves my highest recommendation."

Janice Tsai

"Willynn is a very helpful consultant. She answers all my questions patiently and clearly. I would strongly recommend her to all my friends."