Ms Jx

Marketing Executive

Had graduated recently and entered the workforce. Was encouraged by my fiancé to consider Early Critical Illness (ECI) policy, to protect myself against inability to earn an active income in the event of health scares. My Fiancé introduced me to Shawn to help me find a suitable ECI cover that suits my profile and budget. With his help, I managed to acquire coverage that is adequate in compensation, and within what I can afford. I recommend Shawn to everyone who values sound and honest advice on the topic of financial advisory.

Ms St

Marketing Manager

I have met Shawn through my friend in Singapore. Previously was studying in Singapore, and was encourage to take up Health Insurance to ensure that I am properly covered against massive medical bills. With his advice and thorough comparison, I was able to select the most suitable health insurance coverage for myself. For that, I am thankful for Shawn's services. He will be the go-to person should you need personalised financial advices.

Mr Sv


Was looking to get myself covered with a comprehensive health insurance while working in Singapore, as I was worried of the exorbitant healthcare cost here. With a stroke of luck, I got to know Shawn through a mutual friend. Through his thorough comparison and advice, I successfully got myself adequately covered without burning a hole in my pocket. Shawn is well informed with his product knowledge, and I recommend to all who prefers an advisor who will prioritise their needs and interest over all other matters.