Roger Lim

CFP®Senior Relationship Manager

Mr Yang
Business Owner

"As per attached image."

Mr Ho Lc
Resident Medical Doctor

"Roger is a very patient financial advisor. He is passionate about his job too. I learned a few useful tips from him."

Ms Vyvian Yap
Operations Analyst
Moody's Analytics

"I appreciate Roger's quick response to my enquiries. It is thanks to him that my policy documentation can be ready so fast. Good to have a patient and helpful advisor like Roger."

Mr Vincent Shanmugam

"Roger has been an excellent agent/advisor. He is prompt and very informative in his replies. His explanations were clear and easy to understand showing a wealth of experience in his field of work. Roger is definitely a valuable asset to Synergy pte ltd. Given the opportunity, I am confident Roger can effectively customise my financial needs and propel me towards achieving my objectives."

Mr Yeo Siew Chi
PR Manager
Banking & Finance Sector

"I appreciate Roger’s sincerity and professionalism in advising me on my portfolio and often keeps in touch with me on new products and market updates. Thank you for your counsel and advice!"

Ms M Meng Yao

"Roger is very helpful in explaining various health insurance and financial products to me. He took his best effort in explaining the rationale and principles, comparing various products, and is extremely patient with my doubts and queries. He always takes the initiatives to advise me promptly when market is fluctuating and help with fund switching/policy review/update in a timely manner. Really appreciate Roger to be with my financial planning journey. Thanks a lot for his knowledge, experience, dedication and professionalism."

Mr Tiang
Sell Employment

"I appreciate Roger's quick response to my enquiries and his professionalism in handling my case."

Mr Elvin Chong Beng Chee
Basketball Coach

"Roger has been helpful in sharing with me my financial plans and committed to following thru and delivering my financial needs. Really grateful to have know him and know he’s doing great!"

Ms Lim Hui Min
Creative Director

"Great explanation! The information was clear and execution was efficient."

Mr Wong Kok Seng
SIA Engineering Company

"after meeting him for explanations, he knows his work well. after listening to his clients, he understands what his clients want. He shared his experiences."

Mr Joshua Tan
Nexus Mgt International Pre Ltd

"Roger has make it simple for me to complete my application from a NFTF. He has also ensure my understanding and transparency on about what he is going to do and write in the KYC and the process that I will be facing. I will recommend him to be your Advisor."

Mr Ang Kok Hwa
IT Director

"I am actually impressed with Roger's attitude and drive when going through the details of this 'Pulsor' Fund. He was patient and managed to show me the benefits of taking up this plan."