Ms Joan Lim

Head, Enterprise Sales

Maeva is very dedicated, prompt and most importantly knowledgeable. She is not the typical FA that will hard sell the products without understanding your needs. She always put her clients before her commission and that's what i will call professional. As my work requires me to travel very frequently, Maeva will make it a point to hunt me down for annual review sessions. For this dedication and level of service provided, I will highly recommend her services to my friends and clients. Keep up the good work Maeva! We are blessed to have you as our FA!

Mr. Raphael Reich

Managing Director at Dejavu Agency

I've had the pleasure of knowing Maeva for several years and during that time she has taken great care of all my insurance needs with her meticulous approach, friendly and approachable manner, and her solid and invaluable advice based on her wealthy experience in the business and because she is a very honest and caring human being.

Ms Emily Tan

Cabin Crew at SIA

A very sincere agent who is never pushy, and shares logically the benefits of the products and address your concerns if any. She really thinks from her client’s point of view and putting the clients as their priority to recommend products that really suits their needs. All my insurance policy are bought with her, and importantly she is very responsive whenever I contact her for any queries that I may have.