Linda Quah

ChFC®, CWMP, IBFA, AEPP®Deputy Director

Mdm Rasnita Rahmat

"Since I resigned from financial advisory industry long time ago I have not been updated with insurance matters until a friend of mine kept in touch with me and talked about Eldershield upgrade (eldercare) and hospitalisation shield plans! Now I am Aware of the latest plans that can use my hubby's Medisave to pay for him, myself and kids 😍 My Medisave no more mah 😂 Fortunately that my husband has quite a lot so why not use part of it to cover our whole family Dont have to pay any cash coz we chose the plans that can use medisave only for the annual premiums 👍👍 And my friend is a very nice lady whom we know each other since we ever worked together before😍 She explained in detail and I admire her integrity, sincerity and professionalism! Her service is Highly recommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 All praises to The Almighty we family now have a peace of mind 💜"

Ms Lynnette Chia

"Linda’s been very helpful with her financial knowledge & takes time to review and plan based on my needs - but what truly sets her apart is her sincerity & kindness. I like that she’s a genuine & warm person, and goes the extra mile for her clients. There are many agents out there but I am very glad that our paths cross and I have her as my agent!"

Ms Ellie Eng

"I got to know Linda through cold call. Happened that I'm eligible for eldershield and she called for the purpose. Such an encounter! We met up and she patiently explained to me on the upgrade of the policy. She laid the choices and respect the decision I made. She has looked into my investment and given good advices. Update me on the progress and given me a peace of mind. We become friends talking about anything under the sun besides insurance. She's professional, caring and approachable."

Ms Kimberly Lim

"I have known Linda for more than 16 years in insurance industry although she was not as a Financial Planner then yet. She has always been willing to share her knowledge with us and goes the extra mile with extra smile for her clients and colleagues. Her meticulous nature, her strategy and her continuous follow up to allow me to reach towards my financial goal is what makes me appreciate her even more as my financial planner. Continue to keep up the good work, Linda! May you continue to achieve MDRT year on year. I'll be cheering for you!"

Ms Shirlene Phua

"I have known Linda for many years. She is sincere, attentive, knowledgeable and caring. She listens patiently and render her professional advice to me whenever I have queries or issues with my policies. She is someone whom I would definitely strongly recommend to my friends as she is a knowledgeable adviser who puts heart into her work and understands the clients from their point of view. Thank you, Linda!"

Miss Sook Chin


Mr Mathori
Mentor media

"Very hard working. Keeping me update news and health care. Would recommended to my friends who wishing to join the insurance policy."

Ms Maslinda Sinin
Library Assistant
ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute

"Although I just get to know Linda about a year ago but she has guided me and gave an idea how to settle my financial matters. She also had gave me an advise."

Ms Grace Lee

"Linda is very dedicated to her job and knowledgeable in her products. Her patience and detailed explanation of her products has given me the confidence in entrusting my financial planning requirements with her. She is also very responsive to my queries and proactive in checking if I require any follow up actions from her."

Ms Oh

"In the many years I have known Linda, she has proven to be consistently good with what she does and is a kind and caring person. She always patiently provides answers to the series of questions asked and is willing to go an extra mile to help. Good personality, great service."

Mdm Mui Yee

"I got to know Linda as we both attend the same yoga class. Knowing that she’s a financial adviser, I decided to seek her advice when I wanted help for my family’s insurance as well as financial well-being. Linda is a very conscientious and knowledgeable adviser. She is detailed, and is always patient to answer my many queries. That’s the main reason that I transferred all my family’s existing insurance polices to her care so that she has an overview of our coverage and is in a better position to advise us on whatever she deems is lacking. She will also prompt me when payments are due so that my policies will not lapse. I am glad to have known Linda and have absolutely no regrets for making her our family’s financial adviser."

Ms Kua Yi Wen

"Linda is very sincere and trustworthy. I feel assured with her as my advisor and agent, who always has my best interest at heart. She patiently takes the time to understand my needs and lifestyle, and recommends only suitable policies that are applicable to me. When I had to make claims, she was very efficient and it made the claim process very smooth and easy for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for an advisor to take care of their insurance needs. Thank you Linda!"