Keef Lim

Senior Relationship Manager

Dr. Rachid Yazami
Nanyang Technological University

"Keef Lim is a very well dedicated financial advisor. The clarity and enthusiasm he puts in his communication with clients make him very trustful. I have enjoyed talking to him on the phone and face to face. He is very knowledgeable about investments and his advises are very helpful."

Dr Wonkeun Chang
Assistant Professor
Nanyang Technological University

"Keef is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic financial advisor. He is professional, punctual and well prepared for meetings. Above all, he patiently goes through all the little details to ensure that I make fully informed decisions based on my personal needs. I strongly recommend him to those that are looking to make in-depth, customised financial plans."

Dr Donguk Nam
Assistant Professor
Nanyang Technological University

"Keef is very experienced and has been exceptionally patient with us. From the very first day we met, he guided us step-by-step and prepared very detailed plans towards achieving our financial goals. Keef is now not only our mentor for financial matters but also a good friend who we can trust and rely on."

Mr. Stefano Virgilli
Queen George

"Keef is always smiling. Never fall short of expectations. Going the extra mile is so natural for him. When I had an emergency at the hospital he picked up my call at 1AM and instructed me on what to do, step by step. Great professional attitude. A good friend too."

Dr Guan Chong
Head Of Programme
Singapore University of Social Sciences

"Keef is very knowledgeable about investments and his advice is very useful. He has been very friendly and patient and I appreciate that he takes the clients' need seriously. I will definitely recommend him to colleagues and friends who wish to have some financial advice."

Dr Arindam Basu
Associate Professor

"Keef has advised me on financial planning over the last few months. At first, I was a bit sceptical since I felt that I had a good handle on my investments. But was pleasantly surprised to hear his point of view. He finally helped me do several insurance and medical coverage plans. His enthusiasm is infectious and it is nice to have someone come all the way to your house to help out."

Dr A. H.
Assistant Professor
Singapore Institute of Technology

"Keef has an approachable and friendly personality. Over the past year, he has provided me advice on medical & life insurance planning for me and my family. The client experience has been very informative and he has been patient and professional throughout his engagement. He takes the time to explain clearly the differences between product comparisons and specific things to note to ensure I've made an informed decision. I will strongly recommend his service!"

Dr Ayl
Singapore Management University

"Keef is such a fantastic financial advisor. He is always prepared and always ready with options to maximize my investments. Keef takes the time to explain my investment and insurance options and he has the gift of making complex schemes clear and concise. I appreciate that Keef takes the time to meet with me regularly about my plans and I enjoy our meetings because he is always happy and optimistic. Great job, Keef!"

Dr Yuanto Kusnadi
Assistant Professor

"Keef has been very patient and professional through his engagement with me over the past year or so. Both he & Sherry have provided valuable advice on insurance, investment, and retirement planning. Overall, the financial planning that both did on me has been very useful and informative. I will definitely recommend them for anyone who wish to have some financial advice."

Prof Gianmarco Radice

"Keef has proved to be a very informative and reliable adviser, both in terms of financial planning as well as insurance coverage. He provided ample evidence to support and explain his recommendations, and was happy to answer any and all of the many questions I regularly asked. Happy to come to my place of work for meetings, was always on time and always called one or two days in advance to confirm and remind me of our meetings."

Basman Elhadidi

"Keef approached me many months back to start a savings venture. At the time, the world was sparkly and rosy with all positive trends. His enthusiasm and energy got me on board. These days ... pandemic mania ... have been hard and stocks like moods have been on a roller coaster. During this time, Keef has been most supportive, showing the positive side and reinforcing that patience is the key. He is talented, patient and smiling, and can help to guide in the dark. If you need his advice he is around, and will never hold back. Good luck future venture seekers and Keef is a great ally to start with."

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