Teo Jia Min

Senior Relationship Manager

Mr Donald Ho Shinq Chyuan
Civil Servant

"Impressed with Jia Min's professionalism since the moment we first met up. There was no beating around the bush and she clearly articulated the essences and benefits of the services provided to me. Even the current Covid-19 situation did not deter her dedicated outreach to her clients. Keep up the good work 👍🏼"

Ms Valerie Low

"Jia Min is very trustworthy and reliable. She attended to all my queries very promptly and patiently each time I asked her about different plans in the market. She was very transparent with her analysis and prepared a very detailed breakdown of the various plans which might be suitable for me. She is definitely very well-versed in product expertise, and committed to helping me make the best decision without obligations. I love how she breaks down our complex topics into simplified conversations so it is easily comprehensible. I highly recommend her services!"

Ms Sheila Tam

"Jia Min is very efficient at her work and always spends extra effort to simplify and ensure I understand the investment solutions and insurance products recommended to me. The plans are also well-suited to my current needs. As someone who is competent, I feel at ease doing my financial planning with her."

Mr Song Wei Liang
Commercial Coordinator

"Met JM through a mutual friend and was super happy to have gotten my first insurance plans from her! Being fresh out of university, I met a few other financial advisors prior but was unable to settle on a particular plan as there was a lot to take in with so much information to dissect! She was able to slowly explain to me and ensured that I understood what my concerns were before signing up for any plans. Something admirable about her is that she is very real and which is something hard to find with some financial advisors these days! JM was clear and provided me with the necessary information that suited my needs! She is extremely professional and approachable to her clients and I would definitely recommend her if you need help with purchasing insurance or any sort of financial advise!"

Ms Madeline Kuah
Property Agent

"Jia Min provides professional and value-adding advice to me. She is a trustworthy and dependable advisor who is ALWAYS prompt and detailed in her responses to all of my questions. I highly recommend Jia Min to friends, family & everyone who is looking for a financial advisor!"