Mr Sim Chen Toung, Lau Hooi Wen

Engineer, Accountant

Jennifer is our financial advisor since 2020. What made us choose her as our financial advisor was her reliable and trustworthy personality. Her service is excellent - she is a very responsible person who takes the initiative to update us about any new changes in our financial portfolio. What we like about her approach is that she is not a hard-sale type. She understands our financial protection needs and provides us with options that best suit our requirements and budget. She also provides us with a personalized financial portfolio summary that includes a unique suite of policies from different insurance companies that best suit our needs. Overall, we highly recommend her service. She is a true professional who goes above and beyond to ensure her client’s satisfaction.

Mr Anthony Lee

Finance Manager

Jennifer was my ex-colleague in an accounting firm, her work attitude and quality gave me confidence in her.

I approached her to understand the insurance policy in Singapore, and what I appreciate most is her detailed explanation without any hard sales tactics.

Jennifer is knowledgeable and caring, which are the ultimate factors I look for in a financial advisor. She always keeps me well informed of updated insurance matters and responds quickly to my queries. Moreover, Jennifer has reviewed all my insurance and financial plans, including those not purchased from her. She is generous and kind enough to explain every product I have and provide a clear overall picture of my financial risk portfolio. She also arranges periodic portfolio reviews with me and updates me on any market changes to ensure I am aware of those changes.

Overall, I highly recommend Jennifer's services as she truly cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to ensure their financial well-being. I am very happy with the services she has provided me, and I have complete confidence in her expertise.

Ms Ivy Ng

Hr & Admin Executive

Jennifer is a very helpful and responsive financial advisor. She updates me on any changes to my financial portfolio and provides the best advice according to my financial circumstances. With her explanation, I understand more about the insurance plans I have purchased. She also provides a financial portfolio summary for me to have a comprehensive record of all my policies, including those not under her care.

Jennifer has also done more than just personal financial planning for me. She went the extra mile to provide me with a corporate insurance quote in 2022, even when she was overseas. I truly appreciate her professionalism and dedication.