Hund Wong

Relationship Manager

Mr W.B Koh

"A conscientious and affable individual, Mr Wong has gone above and beyond in his duties and it was a delight to have him as my agent."

Mrs Rinette Leong
Early Childhood Educator

"Hund is very friendly, accommodating and understanding. He addresses what is needed for every phase in life and suggest policies or plans that are most suitable to fit and is not pushy. He doesn’t insist when I am not comfortable with the prices of plans but aims to find one that is financially more suitable for me at different phases in life. He has been my agent for 6 years coming and I always feel very assured."

Mr Joe Leong
Head Chef
Sonder dining

"Hund has been my advisor for 4 years. He was highly recommended by my wife and I am grateful for all his help thus far with various policies and claims. He often provides useful information to help me understand the policies that I need to have to better protect myself. Hund is always prompt in assisting me with any issues I had with my policies and especially when it comes to claims. My claims are usually processed quite efficiently and if there are any delays, I am always updated. I have had pleasant experiences so far and it is great that Hund does not hardsell but instead, listens and advises me on what is most suitable for each phase of my life. He has also help me and my family with the claims and always follows up with a sense of urgency .Hence, I would highly recommend Hund as an advisor."

Mr Quek Pin Chen

"With basic knowledge when it comes to financial planning, I seek advice from Hund as the pandemic opened my eyes and I wanted to start planning for my own future. He is extremely knowledgeable about the various coverages and paid very close attention to all the minor details. This ensured that I was getting the premiums that were essential but manageable to my budget. On top of that, he is always patient when explaining the breakdown of the plans and he has always been unbiased about his opinions on various schemes. There were instances when I called him multiples times to seek clarification on certain matters and he was always efficient and clear in answering my questions or doubts. Hund would also check in on me from time to time to ensure everything is fine and that is something I really appreciate. Overall, Having Hund as my FA definitely makes my life easier. With his expertise and knowledge, I know he is someone I can rely on if I need his help."

Mr Shai
AOS Collective

"I have been friends with Hund for a decade now and he had never try to hard sell me to any policies and insurance. All he offered to begin with was to have a look at what I have to ensure that I was covered as I thought I was. Turns out I wasn't as I had overlooked certain things. Instead of trying to sell me all the major policies or anything that can give himself a higher cut, Hund went through all the policies that believe that would benefit me irregardless of how it benefits him. From then on, I knew what kind of person Hund is, someone who truly care about another person's well being more so than himself. I would recommend Hund to anybody looking for an FA. Trust in HUND!"

Mr Luqman H.k.
Freelancer/lab Technician

"As a freelancer, It is very important that I am fully covered during health related crisis. Hund understood the severity of such situations and gave me unbiased options & advice. He made sure that my priorities, commitment & the affordability of my coverage were all aligned. It is all thanks to Hund that I have a peace of mind while going about my daily life."

Jerome Chan
Fire & Rescue Specialist

"Having known Hund for quite awhile. He is a conscientious and thoughtful person. Knowing my financial background, he make extra effort to explain the contents of the product. It enables me to make sound decision with my investment. He has consistently call to check and offer solution to my financial needs from time to time. Thanks."

Ms Krista Effendi
Marketing Manager
Oracle Corporation

"Hund is extremely accommodating and understanding. It is a pleasure to be his client all these years. He addresses what is required in the various phases of my life and provides professional advice suited to my needs. I have observed his exceptional professionalism. His work is kept at a very high standard, often exceeding expectations. Furthermore, he is willing to take on any additional tasks for the betterment of his clients without complaints. He is a good-hearted and supportive person, and an indispensable agent."

Mr Ding
IT Programmer

"I have known him for a couple of years and decided to have him as my adviser a year ago. Right now he is managing my family's insurance and investment plans. With his well knowledge of the products, he is able to get the amount of coverage I needed and fine tune it based on my financial capabilities. He gave clear strategies for us to consider in order to get well covered and what to look out when when there is need or potential claims. I did a claim with him before and he was very responsive and there is an assurance that things will go properly. I would definitely recommend him you are looking for a compassionate adviser with really great strategy in mind to accomplish your financial goals."

Ms Sabrina
Early Childhood Educator

"Filled with passion and dedication, Hund reaches out to help me in my financial planning in every way that he can. His emphasis on the importance of starting early has encouraged me to take a closer look at my finance and plans for the future. Hund also goes the extra mile to provide value-added services, like reorganizing my portfolio to ensure that I am able to understand them easily. Thanks to Hund, I have less worries about my life coverage and wealth accumulation. I would definitely recommend him if you ever need any help with planning your finances."

Mr Timothy Christian Lin
Paint Inc. LLP

"I have known Hund for many years. He is understanding towards personal opinions, wants and goals. Nevertheless he never fails to interject his own opinions sensitively from his years of experience to ensure you make a well informed decision when planning your finances. Service with a smile, he has never failed to go the extra mile no matter the situation, even checking up on me and my family every time we are back from vacation or even quarterly to see how things are going. He has always provided service as a human to another human and i have never felt pressured into making decisions when consulting him. One of the best service experiences. I would highly recommend him always to the people around me."

Mr Sufian Yap
Project Manager

"Hund came to me in a time where i was left in the dark by a few agents, he came and assessed the current policies i currently held in my portfolio. His advice was very up to date and easy to understand. I am a diabetic and didnt have alot of policies available to me but Hund always kept his ear to the ground with regards to new policies that diabetic people are entitled to. He never hards sells policies to me which is what i like. I am a practical person and his advice is super practical to the current protection needs i currently have. Hund is also easy to talk to and deal with. His is always ready to help and offer great advice even with plans from rivals "agencies" I am really happy to have him as my FA! Take my word for it. YOU NEED SOMEONE LIKE HUND IN YOUR LIFE!"