Mr Joe Leong

Head Chef at Sonder dining

Hund has been my advisor for 4 years. He was highly recommended by my wife and I am grateful for all his help thus far with various policies and claims. He often provides useful information to help me understand the policies that I need to have to better protect myself. Hund is always prompt in assisting me with any issues I had with my policies and especially when it comes to claims. My claims are usually processed quite efficiently and if there are any delays, I am always updated. I have had pleasant experiences so far and it is great that Hund does not hardsell but instead, listens and advises me on what is most suitable for each phase of my life. He has also help me and my family with the claims and always follows up with a sense of urgency .Hence, I would highly recommend Hund as an advisor.

Mr Timothy Christian Lin

Id at Paint Inc. LLP

I have known Hund for many years. He is understanding towards personal opinions, wants and goals. Nevertheless he never fails to interject his own opinions sensitively from his years of experience to ensure you make a well informed decision when planning your finances. Service with a smile, he has never failed to go the extra mile no matter the situation, even checking up on me and my family every time we are back from vacation or even quarterly to see how things are going. He has always provided service as a human to another human and i have never felt pressured into making decisions when consulting him. One of the best service experiences. I would highly recommend him always to the people around me.

Ms Krista Effendi

Marketing Manager at Oracle Corporation

Hund is extremely accommodating and understanding. It is a pleasure to be his client all these years. He addresses what is required in the various phases of my life and provides professional advice suited to my needs. I have observed his exceptional professionalism. His work is kept at a very high standard, often exceeding expectations. Furthermore, he is willing to take on any additional tasks for the betterment of his clients without complaints. He is a good-hearted and supportive person, and an indispensable agent.