Eeks Lim

AEPP®Associate Director

Ms Ng Shu Juan
Admin Assistant
NTUC Income

"Eeks is very professional and passionate in her job. She is very knowledgeable and will go the extra mile to ensure I get the best out of my money. I met her through a recommendation from a close friend as I was experiencing some difficulty with my previous adviser. Her knowledge in insurance and investments not only gave me back the confidence in having a financial adviser, she has helped reduced a significant amount on my yearly insurance premiums while enhancing my coverage. Most notable was her efforts to ensure I was able to secure an insurance policy on standard terms while my previous insurer gave an extra loading due to my past family’s pre-existing. Thank you so much Eeks for all the help that you have rendered to me and my loved one during this period of time!"

Mr Kantha Rupan

"I met Eeks through a mutual friend when I first started working and our relationship has since grown into a friendship! I really value the fact that Eeks respects my space and understands my priorities and goals always. She would always patiently share new opportunities that are good for my own financial goals but never tries to push for something I would not need at this juncture. In fact, Eeks would assist to handpick the right products after understanding my needs, making detailed comparisons across various products in the market, and proposing them to me for my consideration. Eeks is very trustworthy, prudent in her advice, and more than anything, ever so patient when explaining products. It's why I feel safe trusting her to advice me on my financial planning needs."

Mrs Ashley Khoo
Flight Attendant
Singapore Airlines

"For me, a financial advisor should be someone compassionate, empathetic, and a person you can rely on; in terms of trust and continuous support as we grow from being an individual and subsequently having a family. They should provide solutions that best suit your needs, whilst giving a peace of mind. Eeks, to me, is everything mentioned above and beyond. She is genuinely caring and gives you options to decide. The way she explains each policy is meticulous, honest, and with lots of patience. I’m glad that my husband and I have found her and so far it has been nothing short of wonderful having her as our advisor!"

Mr Muhd Nashruddin
M&e Manager
Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.

"Eeks is a warm, dedicated and knowledgeable financial advisor who is able to understand the needs of me and my family very well. She would listen and provide her honest opinions, ensuring that I have the relevant coverage for both my current and future plans. She is also able to recommend policies that are value for money, without compromising the comprehensiveness which I find very helpful especially for young families. She is always ready to answer any doubts that I have and able to process promptly and efficiently for any claims. Extremely thankful and grateful for all the work she has done for me and my family. A highly recommended financial advisor. Thank you Eeks!"

Mr Herman Rahoam
Creative Lead For Tiong Bahru Bakery
Spa Esprit Group

"After staying away from any Insurance Agent for years, I can’t escape from this one. Eeks is different in her approach. Aggressive at a substantial amount and precise when it comes to answering. Most importantly, she provides a bed of comfort when I’m in doubt or need some clarification. Reliable and always there when you need her. And when you’re about to forget about her, she will butt-dial you to make her presence known. Jokes aside, I trust her opinions and intuitions and will put my money on it."

Ms Lim Xin Rong, Zann
Graphic Designer

"Trustworthy, efficient, and friendly— Eeks is a great financial advisor answering all my insurance needs. When I’m in doubt, she provides honest opinions and makes sure we have the best plan within our needs. She has not only helped me through my health and financial planning but also for my family and friends. Thank you Eeks!"

Mrs Yvonne Xu

"Eeks is my trusty agent that takes care of my entire family's portfolio. She is very professional, attentive and caring towards our family needs. She would go through the policies wordings thoroughly to ensure we understand fully. She is very honest about the different products, sharing both the pros and cons of each product and allowing us to make our own decision comfortably, unlike many other pushy agents out there. She is very efficient and resourceful, quick to reply and advice us well on any problems we face. We are extremely grateful to have met her and have her as our agent! I highly recommend her!"

Ms Tezel Lim
Graphic Designer
Oliver Wyman

"Always patient in her explanations and clarifications, Eeks makes sure I fully understand what I’m signing up for. She actively introduces products that benefit me, nudging me positively to take risks within my scope which has reaped good results! What helps me have a clear overview of all products I have, the latest FNA summary report was detailed and compiled clear and concisely."

Mr Gavin Lin
Project Manager
NUS Medicine

"Eeks is a really personable consultant that takes the extra effort to understand the difficulties I am facing before she provides tailored advice and solutions for my needs. With an excellent investment acumen in the markets, she has been out-performing my portfolio growth expectations. Thank you for opening my world to a journey of infinite possibilities!"

Mdm Ng Lin Yen
FIS Derivatives Utility

"Eeks is very different from the other agents I have met. She listens attentively to me and is very straightforward in her practice. She would provide relevant and sustainable solutions to fit my needs. I don't feel any pressure working with her, she isn't pushy and she treats me like a close friend. Its a great joy working with her!"