David Francis

Senior Relationship Manager

Mr Andy Parker

"I met David nearly a decade ago when I first moved to Singapore from the UK. I told him at the time I was looking for someone I could build a lasting relationship, which has absolutely proven to be the case. David listens carefully to your needs but isn't afraid to table ideas and opportunities when he sees them, in thoughtful ways."

Ms Cherine Haynes

"David’s help has enabled me to take a career break and organise my finances. He has been a blessing! As such I would like to continue our working relationship and remain a client. All the best in his future endeavours."

Mr Robert Lim

"Thanks David for that overview of Europe’s financial situation. Much of what’s going on over there is less than clear to an ordinary punter like myself, but I appreciate the way you articulated it in that summary, a clearer understanding than what I’ve been able to garner from news reports I’ve seen lately."

Ms Nandita Sirohi

"Being a busy professional, I often do not have the time to follow my investments closely. From the beginning, David has taken the time to understand my financial goals and provide advice and recommendations to suit my risk profile. He regularly provides updates and is always available to discuss portfolio options and answer my questions. Most importantly, I trust David to handle my portfolio and really appreciate his competence and experience in guiding my investment decisions."

Mr Thomas Smith

"David is knowledgeable about both products and the market and is a true professional in how he conducts business. Most importantly, he has handled my finances with personal care and attention in establishing a broad-based portfolio that has shown good returns in often volatile market conditions."

Ms Kemide Senah
Principal Consultant
PK Sigma Consulting

"David has been my financial advisor since 2018 and I have recommended his services to several close friends over the years.  During the set-up of my investments I appreciated David's comprehensive explanations of the products and how they worked, as well as his transparency on fees and charges. David's in-depth knowledge of financial markets is evident in his timely updates on market movements, which have been particularly helpful during the current pandemic. "

Mr Dom Wright

"David has acted as my financial advisor since 2011, when I moved to Singapore. David came highly recommended and I was particularly interested in his background and also his knowledge of global trends and markets. I have maintained our relationship through two intercontinental moves, due to changes in my career, and David has always maintained contact and answered my numerous questions quickly and professionally. David remains my first port of call when it comes to financial advisory as he has delivered consistent growth when advising on fund selection. He has a cool head when it comes to financial turbulence, taking the time to explain his analysis of the markets and listen to his client’s concerns. David is not an advisor looking to sell a product; he is looking to provide his client’s with the support they need to achieve their investment goals. DOM UK"

Mr James Mccarthy
Client Service Manager
Deutsche Bank

"David has excellent market knowledge and is a very personable guy who I would definitely refer onto people."

Ms Rachel Joseph
Specialist Speech And Language Therapist

"I came to David when I was 24 years old and pretty clueless about finances. David was approachable, friendly and patient. I asked him thousands of questions but I never once felt like he was annoyed and he was never condescending towards me. 10 years later, I still value David's advice and support. He has been an absolute asset to my financial accomplishments. Thanks so much!"

Ms Nadia Kargyl

"David is as charming as he is knowledgeable. He was great to talk to and was very generous with his time, vast expertise and humour. I will most definitely recommend him to anyone who needs financial assistance in any capacity."