David Francis, a seasoned adviser with a remarkable career spanning seven years at Synergy, possesses a wealth of knowledge in the realms of investment, life insurance, and life with A&H (Accident & Health) coverage. A dynamic and captivating individual, he has emerged as a distinguished figure within the industry, tirelessly advocating for the financial well-being and security of his clients.

With an impressive academic background in MSC International Relations, David possesses a unique perspective and keen understanding of the interconnectedness of global affairs and economic landscapes. His deep insights and strategic acuity allow him to navigate the complex world of finance with finesse and precision, enabling him to cater to a diverse range of clients seeking financial wisdom.

David has honed his expertise through rigorous examination and qualifications, attaining a host of certifications, including the esteemed M9A, HI (Before Nov 2015), M8A, M5, M8, and M9. These accomplishments not only serve as a testament to his unwavering commitment to professional development but also reflect his incessant pursuit of excellence in his field of expertise.

As an adviser entrusted with the responsibility of guiding individuals and families towards securing their financial futures, David approaches each client interaction with dedication and meticulous attention to detail. He thrives in understanding the unique needs and aspirations of his clientele, effortlessly tailoring personalised financial plans that transcend short-term objectives and alleviate concerns about long-term financial stability.

Beyond the boardrooms and consultation sessions, David effortlessly intertwines fervour and empathy, offering constant support and encouragement to those he serves. This demeanour reflects not only his innate inclination towards building strong interpersonal relationships but also his deep belief that every individual, regardless of their creed or background, is deserving of financial enlightenment and empowerment.

Beyond the steadfast pursuit of professional growth, David finds solace and inspiration through various creative outlets. Whether it be immersing himself in the beauty of the written word, composing impressive pieces of creative writing, or exploring the boundless wonders of nature with his young son, David is able to find serenity and rejuvenation.

It is through his unyielding dedication, combined with his affable nature and robust skill set, that David has carved a niche for himself as a distinguished adviser within the finance industry. Overflowing with captivating anecdotes, unparalleled expertise, and the genuine desire to enhance his clients' lives, David's journey - one of sheer determination, firm resilience, and endless curiosity - is an embodiment of the pursuit of financial security and holistic well-being.

Ms Kemide Senah

Principal Consultant at PK Sigma Consulting

David has been my financial advisor since 2018 and I have recommended his services to several close friends over the years.  During the set-up of my investments I appreciated David's comprehensive explanations of the products and how they worked, as well as his transparency on fees and charges. David's in-depth knowledge of financial markets is evident in his timely updates on market movements, which have been particularly helpful during the current pandemic. 

Mr Andy Parker


I met David nearly a decade ago when I first moved to Singapore from the UK. I told him at the time I was looking for someone I could build a lasting relationship, which has absolutely proven to be the case. David listens carefully to your needs but isn't afraid to table ideas and opportunities when he sees them, in thoughtful ways.

Ms Rachel Joseph

Specialist Speech And Language Therapist

I came to David when I was 24 years old and pretty clueless about finances. David was approachable, friendly and patient. I asked him thousands of questions but I never once felt like he was annoyed and he was never condescending towards me. 10 years later, I still value David's advice and support. He has been an absolute asset to my financial accomplishments. Thanks so much!