Clive Lim

Client Adviser

Ms Tan Li Yi
Phd Student
Nanyang Technological University

"When I heard that Clive was going into insurance, i knew he would make a great agent and approached him. Back in our uni days, he has always been hardworking, meticulous, and very socially responsible. Within a week, Clive (very organised as usual) explained the available plans, pros/cons, and its suitability clearly and concisely; and followed up by settling all the daunting administrative work. My journey with him has been and still is a very efficient and enjoyable ride. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that’s looking for an agent!"

Mr Ong Hong Li
Nanyang Technological University

"Clive is very passionate about his job. He makes sure that I, who is completely new to the scene, understand exactly what various policies entail and explains the pros and cons very clearly. Clive keeps in regular contact, so is often up to date with my situation. Clive is always concerned with what's best for us and also within our present circumstance. I will always feel that my needs are being prioritised. Clive’s solid expertise and meticulous client care even extends to helping me look out for my family. I'm positive that Clive's genuine efforts will touch you too, as he works, with you, to ensure your well-being is well insured."

Ms Kris Wang
Executive Admin
Guardant Health AMEA

"Having known Clive for many years, naturally I went to him when I had to take up a mortgage. Have always known Clive to be level headed and financially savvy. So I leaned heavily on him when I was making my biggest purchase (my new flat) of my life. He did a very good job of assessing my finances which in turn soothed my jittery nerves of the purchase. It would have been a huge nightmare without him. Also, very good suggestions on investments from Clive. He acts on the interests of me, whatever works better for me, and not how much commission can he get. He always reassures me, “whatever is comfortable for you!”"