April Lim

Senior Relationship Manager


Ms Alyssa Chee
Financial Analyst
Schindler Lifts Singapore

"April is a competent, patient and through adviser who will seek to understand your financial background and goals before recommending a suitable policy. She is genuine and acts with intergrity. She does not hardsell any unecessary policies and respects your final decisions. Best of all, she is responsive with regards to your queries, even after she has sold you the policy. All these has made me confident that I have chosen a good advisor and I would recommend her to anyone for all their financial planning needs."

Mdm HG

Mdm Hw Goh
Business Owner

"I have accumulated several different insurance policies throughout my working life. As a busy entrepreneur focused on building my business over the past decade, I’m guilty of neglecting this aspect of my personal affairs. Glad to have met April who took extensive time to compile and study all the policies I’ve had in place. She spent much time and effort to go over those plans and point out areas where I’m lacking in protection and was able to patiently guide me along to fill those gaps. I’m now able to rest easy knowing that this area of my personal affairs are now in order. Thanks April, for your patience in a thorough guided counsel."


Mr Joel Zhuang

"April have been very patient with me when I seek her advice. She have well-equipped herself with the best knowledge to provide me the best option based on my requirements. Truly satisfied with the relational and non-transaction feeling given."


Ms Rebecca Wei
Sales Co-ordinator

"April is very passionate in her work as she advised me based on my current life stage and also helped me to understand different plans from different insurers to find out which is the one that suits me the most. She is also very friendly, sincere and understanding when I had queries about my financial planning. Keep up the good job ♡"


Ms Evelyn Yap
Admin Duty
Vincent Watch Pte Ltd

"April has been a very responsive & efficient agent who cares about her clients & their well being. She choose the best policies based on her knowledge & experiences that is the reason I trust and choose her."


Ms Kimberly Ang

"April was very patient in explaining to me the financial pyramid at the start and helping me understand the importance of financial planning. When I asked her to share all the available plans with various insurers she did up a clear summary for me to do a comparison. She is professional and approachable with clarifying all questions so that you understand and are confident of the plan you are purchasing. Thanks April!"


Mr Jonathan Yeo
Conference Executive
Events Company

"April is knowledgeable in her domain of financial planning and is a responsive, responsible, and knowledgeable adviser. She maintains a professional opinion in a non-intrusive approach to advise the best policy for me. She also seeks to understand my interests and goals for my finances in both short and long term horizons. Through the first consultation with her, I could better understand the purpose and importance of financial planning and its impacts. It was after the meeting with her that I realized the urgent need for better control and security for my wealth and assets. In this saturated market, I will recommend April to everyone who seeks a two-way communication with succinct consultations as she patiently explain concepts and guide you along your financial planning to achieve your individual goals."


Ms Abigail Joan Tay
Sales Manager
Far East Organisation

"April has been a very responsive and efficient agent who cares about her clients and their genuine well-being. She choose the best policies based on her knowledge and experiences. That is the reason I chose her to be my agent to handle all of my financial planning. Most of all, I trust that she will make the best choices for me as the client. I would definitely recommend her service to others!"

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