April Lim

Associate Director

Mr Jerome Loh
Financial Analyst

"April is very dedicated, hardworking and passionate about her work. Her genuine care and empathy for her clients allows her to understand their needs and recommend the best course of action. She is also very patient and responsive with queries and will do her best to ease her clients' worries."

Ms Teresa Low
APAC Compliance Analyst
Wirex Pte Ltd

"April is meticulous and knowledgeable in her field of work. She seeks to understand my interests and goals for my finances and aid in planning for my future without any hassle. She is always very responsive when I have any queries. She is not just an advisor, but a friend. Way to go April!"

Mr Jonathan Yeo
Conference Executive
Events Company

"April is knowledgeable in her domain of financial planning and is a responsive, responsible, and knowledgeable adviser. She maintains a professional opinion in a non-intrusive approach to advise the best policy for me. She also seeks to understand my interests and goals for my finances in both short and long term horizons. Through the first consultation with her, I could better understand the purpose and importance of financial planning and its impacts. It was after the meeting with her that I realized the urgent need for better control and security for my wealth and assets. In this saturated market, I will recommend April to everyone who seeks a two-way communication with succinct consultations as she patiently explain concepts and guide you along your financial planning to achieve your individual goals."

Mr Zhang Zhe

"April is a very solid agent. Helped me save money on my health insurance and have been very helpful even though I'm not a very big client. Well done April for the solid work."

Ms Ser Jean
Assistant Brand Manager
Procter & Gamble

"April’s genuine concern for her clients is shown through the patience and care she takes to explain policies to them in detail. The passion she takes to her job and her level of knowledge towards her work is unquestionable and instills confidence in us that she is making decisions in our best interest."

Mr Joel Ong
Senior Director
Glodon International Pte Ltd

"April is knowledgeable, articulate, and a pleasure to work with. She constantly exudes warmness, honesty, integrity and intelligence to her policy advises - that brings a positive impact to my individual experience during our engagements. April combines her incredible talent for positioning issues and communications skills with an extraordinary sense of strategy and timing. I am deeply impressed by April’s ability to deal with even the toughest clients and situations – effortlessly. This skill often takes years to develop, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. She is someone I trust and look forward for guidance and advice when it comes to my policies."

Mr Kelvin Tay
Project Engineer
Fonda Global

"April is a very knowledgeable Financial Advisor. She will list down products available as well as the pros and con of each product to help find the suitable product/s for me. She has been my FA for over 4 years and she has never fail to do regular reviews as well as updates and enquires i have with any regards to any issue. She have proper accountability over products she done for me as a client. Overall pleasent experience and professional work ethics display as a FA."

Ms Rebecca Wei
Sales Co-ordinator
ASSA ABLOY Singapore Pte Ltd

"April is very passionate in her work as she advised me based on my current life stage and also helped me to understand different plans from different insurers to find out which is the one that suits me the most. She is also very friendly, sincere and understanding when I had queries about my financial planning. Keep up the good job ♡"

Ms Sarah

"April and I were introduced to each other a few years ago during a critical point in my life. She has since then been someone whom I trust sincerely for financial advice and guidance - she is honest, knowledgeable and passionate about her work. The care she shows to her clients is genuine and honest and she always put her 100% in helping us. I am super thankful to have her not only as an advisor but as a friend as well."

Mr Joel Zhuang

"April have been very patient with me when I seek her advice. She have well-equipped herself with the best knowledge to provide me the best option based on my requirements. Truly satisfied with the relational and non-transaction feeling given."

Li Xueqing

"April is truly helpful and trustworthy. She recommended possible plans based on my needs and answered all queries of mine with great patience and efficiency. April is really responsible and responsive. Much appreciated!"

Ms Kimberly Ang

"April was very patient in explaining to me the financial pyramid at the start and helping me understand the importance of financial planning. When I asked her to share all the available plans with various insurers she did up a clear summary for me to do a comparison. She is professional and approachable with clarifying all questions so that you understand and are confident of the plan you are purchasing. Thanks April!"