Andrew Lee

CWMPSenior Director, Financial Advisory

Joining Synergy at the young age of 23, Andrew Lee's flair and client-focused attitude gained him multiple achievements throughout his career as a Financial Adviser, including the coveted membership at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). His other achievements before promoting to an Agency Leader includes: Top Rookie, Top Producer, Top Case Count and the consecutive Conference Qualifier.

Since ascending to his role as an Agency Leader, Andrew brought along his continued streak of achievements, landing the Top Unit for 3 years and Top Recruiter for 6 years. His passion in recruiting and grooming the new generation of leading advisers has resulted in him leading one of the biggest, and youngest teams in Synergy as a Director.

Cleve Wong (ex Andrew Lee Unit)
Client Management
Aviva Ltd

"I first joined the financial services sector in Jan 2010 - it was with Synergy. Being totally new in the industry, I required plenty of guidance and training. Andrew has been providing strong support since day one without fail. He is extremely giving when it comes to sharing knowledge and important concepts, and you can tell this is because he a firm believer of the work that he is doing. Many times, I would be inspired by his driven work attitude, and that kind of motivation was exactly what I needed as a new advisor. In addition, Synergy is such a dynamic platform. They have focus groups comprising of highly experienced individuals providing the best resources to us. Processes are constantly and routinely being improved and streamlined to improve the effectiveness of its goals towards its customers, and the efficiency of its advisors. Many times, I had thought to myself that Synergy is the right company for me simply because it is always on the leading edge - always improving and evolving. The knowledge and work attitude I have learned from Synergy and Andrew have proven deeply valuable to me in this industry. I am certain that Synergy will continue to grow and prosper. Cheers to Andrew - to continued good health and success!"

Elaine Low (ex Andrew Lee Unit)
King Potato Eyewear

"In 2012, I was deciding to join either Andrew’s unit or with another unit in Company P. The reason why I joined Andrew is because of his amazing personality that attracts me. He shows a lot of care and guided me in this industry. He is very good in interpersonal communication skills and he is always very willing to share with us his knowledge. Within my one year with Andrew and my senior, Tynn, I had learnt so much in this industry which is relevant even up to today when I am running my own business. I’m forever grateful to them and definitely did not regret my choice by joining Andrew Lee’s Unit before I venture into my own business."

Ronald Lim (ex Andrew Lee Unit)
Business Development Manager
Tokio Marine

"Synergy was my first stepping stone for my career in the Financial Services industry. Having guidance from Andrew and his pioneer batch of Advisors was one of my greatest take away from my stint with Synergy and it had been a great pleasure working with them. As team players, Andrew and his team had never held back on sharing their experiences and knowledge with all of us. Thank you for the wonderful years, and many greater years of friendship together. Cheers!"

Marcus Mah (ex Andrew Lee Unit)
Business Development Manager
PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd

"I joined Andrew and his team in 2017 after 6 years in the banking industry. He is a person with great foresight and aptitude for higher success. Under his explemary leadership and dedication to his team, I had learnt alot of industry insights and knowledge that i can apply to my work and personal life through his innovative training and coaching sessions which I can't find in banking. We still remain in close contact and have known each other since our air force days, opportunities will come eventually for him with his unwavering support and strong will to succeed. All the best in the future!"

Jun Nan (ex Andrew Lee Unit)
Customer Experience Management Lead
NTUC Income

"I was introduced to Andrew via my servicing advisor Tynn, whom knew I was keen to explore more opportunities and grow my career. When I first met Andrew, he was like this big brother who seemed to knew the emotions, challenges and wants that I had at the point of time. He listened and shared his own experiences as well. He knew that I was not able to give my full commitment as I still had my day job but all he wanted from me was to meet the necessary requirements and give my best. Through the days as a member of the Andrew Lee unit, I was very blessed to have exceptional team mates and seniors that gave their advice and support to the upmost. Andrew and Tynn also constantly kept me in touch of the latest launches and changes to the products so that I could catch up on it during my own time. The targets that were set for me were reasonable and it was set for one reason, for me to gain extra income and Andrew had no qualms about it. In fact he respected it and helped me out with a lot of the materials that I could use. Work hard and play hard was his motto. We enjoyed trips and retreats to recharge ourselves and bonded better with the members. Andrew was very keen to make the unit a successful one and he worked doubly hard as much as his members to ensure that it happened. I had learnt a lot from him and the way he presented himself was a true professional. Till today, even in my corporate job, I am also preaching the same habits that I learnt from Andrew. Even though my stay within the unit was over, he kept in touch frequently to be sure that I was doing well. That was just how much he cared. It was truly a great honour to be part of this family."

Wei Guang (ex Andrew Lee Unit)
Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking

"I kick-started my banking career as a financial consultant with Synergy(Andrew Lee Unit) back in 2013. Under the stewardship of Andrew and team, I have learnt and growth professionally and personally. During my spell with Synergy, I was fortunate to have been surrounded by great individuals who selflessly impart important values and knowledge which have helped me develope over the years. Today I remain in close contact with my ex team as we continue to work together as business partners."

Mr Leonard Siew
Hr Generalist
Performance Labs Pte Ltd

"I joined Synergy back in 2013 with Andrew Lee Unit. Andrew is like a big brother to everyone in the unit. Whenever anyone in the team needed guidance or have problems, he will be there to listen and giving us advice. He is not only a person who listens but is also a person who share his knowledge and experiences with the team which motivates all of us. It was a great pleasure working under him and till today we still keep in contact. Thank you Andrew for your support & guidance!"

Mr Weng Kang (ex Andrew Lee Unit)
XIO SG Pte Ltd

"Becoming a Financial Adviser was my first career as I decided to join Andrew Lee unit back in 2016, being new to the industry, each time I met with obstacles, Andrew and his team will always be there to help and provide support to ensure that you do well in this career path. Through the guidance of Andrew and his team I have learnt many skills and knowledge in this industry which I am able to apply it in my future growth, even up to date, all the skills and knowledge I have acquire is still relevant and help me greatly in my future planning’s. Once again, I want to thank Andrew for always being there to support me throughout my time in Synergy. It was a wonderful experience. Wishing you best of luck to achieve your desires."

Mr Jing Wen
Supply Chain Management (make) Engineer

"Andrew's help and advice was invaluable to understanding how to present myself to others and he continues to work tirelessly in guiding the advisors under him even through trying times such as this. Hoping for better years ahead post-Covid and all the best for him and his team."