Alex Yee

Senior Relationship Manager

Mr Cedric Chow

"I got to know Alex in one of the financial planning talks many years ago. Back then, I wasn’t really into insurance but did have a vague idea that I might need some coverage along the way. As Alex is not that pushy kind of adviser, I felt at ease sharing with him my concerns & issues. He was able to help me consolidate all my insurance policies to inform me what were the loopholes. I started off with him helping me with managing my existing policies and adding new policies along the way with him. Over time, I see that Alex is not only a conscientious adviser but a caring one. I am especially more confident that he can help me plan my financial future better, from an independent financial advisory company this allows him to recommend me the most suitable policy without being biased towards any single company. He has been instrumental in helping me achieve financial stability especially for my retirement period. I am glad to have his expertise in guiding me financially."