Mr Kt

Product Manager

Aaron is a very professional and patient financial advisor . He will try to understand my needs and financial situation and propose the plan that fit my financial goals.

Mr Nw

Cabin Crew

The session I had with Aaron was very informative and insightful. He has clearly explained the different type of risks, and the different policies applicable. He took the time to help me analyze my current policy, and how my current policy is in comparison. He clearly explained term and whole life plans, which I wasn't sure of hence it has definitely increase my understanding. Using simple-to-understand charts and numbers, he has better my understanding of the different type of policies available, and how they can benefit me for my present and future. I like that he took the time to present this session with a digital write pad and presented the information that is specifically catered for me. Overall, the session has definitely helped me with my understanding, and I am able to know what i don't know when it comes to policy and planning. I was able to explore better options through his session, and better understand where my current state of planning is.

Mr V

Events Experience Manager

Aaron was very patient in explaining each and every aspect of the products to me. He went extra mile to compare different options with their pros and cons for me to decide accordingly. Something that I like is that, his product choices was really catered to my needs and situation rather than throwing in some off-shelve products. He had statistical reference and case study to aid our decisions which I will help a lot in everyone decision making. Lastly, a special kudos to his friendly approach.