"Andy is a true professional who have my interest at heart. He is sincere and trustworthy, answering all my queries anytime of the day promptly and clearly. He only makes recommendations that benefit me the most and will explain why is that so. Highly recommend him to all my family and friends!"

Mr Azlan Aziz
Associate Engineer
Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd

Client of Emily Lee, CFP®, CWMP

"To Whom It May Concern, Prior to my meet-up with Emily Lee, I would say I was a bit sceptical with the things that are going to be shared with me. I have gone to a couple of meet-ups with a couple of Insurance Agents and no one excites me as she did. The information shared with me was crystal clear and I managed to grab the opportunity to clear some of the doubts that I had before I met her. I can see that she is good at what she's doing and explains the matter well to me. She is an amicable woman with an easy smile. I would say that Emily's approachable character has allowed me to comprehend the importance of investing and preparing for our future's needs. Thank you. Best regards, Azlan"

Ms Cassandra Goh

Client of Danny Lee, CFP®, IBFA, CWMP

"Danny is more than a Financial Adviser, he's someone who speaks life into my situations, has the wisdom and great heart to attend to matters that is important to me, he advises practically It's great to see that he is people centered when advising his clients. I'm glad that he is the one who's handling my accounts. It's a blessing. Thank you so much for walking journeys with me! "

Mdm Ng Lin Yen
FIS Derivatives Utility

Client of Eeks Lim, AEPP®

"Eeks is very different from the other agents I have met. She listens attentively to me and is very straightforward in her practice. She would provide relevant and sustainable solutions to fit my needs. I don't feel any pressure working with her, she isn't pushy and she treats me like a close friend. Its a great joy working with her!"

Ms Shirlene Phua

Client of Linda Quah, ChFC®

"I have known Linda for many years. She is sincere, attentive, knowledgeable and caring. She listens patiently and render her professional advice to me whenever I have queries or issues with my policies. She is someone whom I would definitely strongly recommend to my friends as she is a knowledgeable adviser who puts heart into her work and understands the clients from their point of view. Thank you, Linda!"

Mr Derrick Er
Boutique Manager

Client of Derrick Chee

"It is very important to have someone like Derrick to manage your investments and always act at your best interest. Knowing him for 18 years, Derrick has maintained his consistency in terms of service and knowledge. I never have to worry about my policies as I know I'm in good hands. This industry need someone like him whom you can trust and rely on. I am very grateful to have Derrick as my advisor. "

Operations Manager

Client of Andy Seo, CWMP, AFC®

"Andy is very knowledgeable about his job, and has been helpful explaining me everything I need to know about insurance. Always friendly and professional, Andy is also quick to respond to any question or concern. Great service. "

Mr Leslie Teo
Assistant Retail Manager

Client of Adeline Low

"I was recommended by a friend of mine to Adeline. Through our interactions, i feel that she is passionate and she truly listens. Besides financial planning, she also organises events so as to value-add me in other areas such as health as well. Now, she is not just my financial consultant, but also a friend. I will definitely recommend my friends to her and i encourage anyone reading this to speak to her too."
Mrs T

Mrs Thenmoli

Client of Dexter Lim

"I am writing to you to compliment the excellent service provided by my financial adviser, Mr Dexter Lim. He has been patient with us and provides the necessary advice in the whole process of buying the policy. His insightful advice reflects his commitment to provide the best and sincere service every step of the way. His close follow-up kept us updated and has helped smoothen the entire transaction. Thank you, Dexter, for the wonderful help."