Mdm Ng Lin Yen
FIS Derivatives Utility

"Eeks is very different from the other agents I have met. She listens attentively to me and is very straightforward in her practice. She would provide relevant and sustainable solutions to fit my needs. I don't feel any pressure working with her, she isn't pushy and she treats me like a close friend. Its a great joy working with her!"

Ms Kimmy
Office Manager and Sales Support

"With just a SmS away, Edward is always there to provide you with quick advices and help when you need it. He is a friendly agent, has a strong and good products knowledges."

Mr Jacob
Senior Graphic Designer

"When I first met Fiona, it was about 10 years ago. I was a fresh graduate with a monthly income of $1600. With her step to step guidance, I am achieving my dreams and getting my own house next year! This is really encouraging and exciting. She is genuinely happy for me and even gone the extra mile in helping me on my housing issue!  She has never felt that I am a just small account. She is always trying her best to help me in planning my finances. I am very impressed by her professionalism. She gives her advice based on what is good for me, and not to just earn the commission from me. This is very different from other agents. In addition, Fiona is very responsive and fast whenever I need help or any clarifications. I want to thank Fiona for her excellent help and service that she has provided me. If you looking for an advisor, I am highly recommended Fiona, with zero doubt!  Best, Jacob"

Mr Donald Ho Shinq Chyuan
Civil Servant

"Impressed with Jia Min's professionalism since the moment we first met up. There was no beating around the bush and she clearly articulated the essences and benefits of the services provided to me. Even the current Covid-19 situation did not deter her dedicated outreach to her clients. Keep up the good work 👍🏼"

Mr Ian Dominic Pangilinan
DBS Bank Ltd

"Pauline and Dennis are the models for great Financial Advisers. They are genuinely kind and concerned for the well being of their clients. They methodology has been very professional and ethical. I also greatly appreciate their very patient engagement and never forced unto us. Thank you so much for helping see the value of financial planning and providing us better view of our household’s financial health. We are looking forward to a very meaningful relationship with your team. May you help more individuals and families with your sincere care and service."

Ms Seerin

"Yasmin is a dedicated advisor with a heart that cares for her clients. She takes the time to patiently listen and understand your financial needs and plans before recommending what will be best suited for you and/or your loved ones. I’m grateful to be able to rely on her especially when my husband had to undergo a knee surgery. She was there and made the claim process seamless and easy for us. We knew then that we made the right choice and that we will be well taken care of. If you’re looking for a financial advisor who is reliable, sincere, thoughtful and professional, I’d strongly recommend Yasmin."

Ms Toh Zi Yi

""I was introduced to "Uncle George" by my parents. Thank you for being a more than just a Insurance Agent but a Trusted Friend to my family. You should also get to meet him. He will make a big difference in your financial portfolios.""

Mr Robert Lim

"Thanks David for that overview of Europe’s financial situation. Much of what’s going on over there is less than clear to an ordinary punter like myself, but I appreciate the way you articulated it in that summary, a clearer understanding than what I’ve been able to garner from news reports I’ve seen lately."

Ms Lim Kai Ning
People Experience Lead

"The advisory service that Rui Han provides is a notch above the rest. He explained every policy in detail to me, right down to the technicalities. It's great to meet an agent who knows his products well and is able to recommend me something suitable for my current needs. Thanks for your patience, as well as sincerity in wanting the best for your clients :)"

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