Dr Guan Chong
Head Of Programme
Singapore University of Social Sciences

"Keef is very knowledgeable about investments and his advice is very useful. He has been very friendly and patient and I appreciate that he takes the clients' need seriously. I will definitely recommend him to colleagues and friends who wish to have some financial advice."

Ms Patsy Tan
Chinam Enterprise

"Got to know Amy through my niece. She helped me with my will and LPA. A nice and friendly lady. Helpful too."

Mr Andy Tan
Sales and Marketing Director
CAD-IT Consultants Pte Ltd

"Anthony have always been able to advise what is best coverage for me balancing between what is affordable for my budget"

Ms Madeline Kuah
Property Agent

"Jia Min provides professional and value-adding advice to me. She is a trustworthy and dependable advisor who is ALWAYS prompt and detailed in her responses to all of my questions. I highly recommend Jia Min to friends, family & everyone who is looking for a financial advisor!"

Mr Wesley Tan

"Jason goes beyond the job scope of a financial adviser. He puts my interest as priority, as he spends time to understand and to hear so that he may cater to the needs that I have as a student. Because of his genuineness, he is someone that I know is loyal, and trustable. He is patient in his explanations and clear with his different use of annotations and anecdotes. 10/10 strongly recommend."

Mdm Ng Lin Yen
FIS Derivatives Utility

"Eeks is very different from the other agents I have met. She listens attentively to me and is very straightforward in her practice. She would provide relevant and sustainable solutions to fit my needs. I don't feel any pressure working with her, she isn't pushy and she treats me like a close friend. Its a great joy working with her!"

Jun Nan (ex Andrew Lee Unit)
Customer Experience Management Lead
NTUC Income

"I was introduced to Andrew via my servicing advisor Tynn, whom knew I was keen to explore more opportunities and grow my career. When I first met Andrew, he was like this big brother who seemed to knew the emotions, challenges and wants that I had at the point of time. He listened and shared his own experiences as well. He knew that I was not able to give my full commitment as I still had my day job but all he wanted from me was to meet the necessary requirements and give my best. Through the days as a member of the Andrew Lee unit, I was very blessed to have exceptional team mates and seniors that gave their advice and support to the upmost. Andrew and Tynn also constantly kept me in touch of the latest launches and changes to the products so that I could catch up on it during my own time. The targets that were set for me were reasonable and it was set for one reason, for me to gain extra income and Andrew had no qualms about it. In fact he respected it and helped me out with a lot of the materials that I could use. Work hard and play hard was his motto. We enjoyed trips and retreats to recharge ourselves and bonded better with the members. Andrew was very keen to make the unit a successful one and he worked doubly hard as much as his members to ensure that it happened. I had learnt a lot from him and the way he presented himself was a true professional. Till today, even in my corporate job, I am also preaching the same habits that I learnt from Andrew. Even though my stay within the unit was over, he kept in touch frequently to be sure that I was doing well. That was just how much he cared. It was truly a great honour to be part of this family."

Ms Abigail Joan Tay
Sales Manager
Far East Organisation

"April has been a very responsive and efficient agent who cares about her clients and their genuine well-being. She choose the best policies based on her knowledge and experiences. That is the reason I chose her to be my agent to handle all of my financial planning. Most of all, I trust that she will make the best choices for me as the client. I would definitely recommend her service to others!"

Ms Cherine Haynes

"David’s help has enabled me to take a career break and organise my finances. He has been a blessing! As such I would like to continue our working relationship and remain a client. All the best in his future endeavours."