Mr Lim Jun Kai
SFA Management Intern Associate

Client of Harris Mak, AFPCM

"I had the privilege to be mentored by Harris during the course of my internship at Synergy. Harris is highly committed to helping me grow as an employee. He has arranged meetings with successful entrepreneurs, where I had the opportunity to tag along and learn from their invaluable experience. Whenever I have questions or concerns, Harris responds promptly and ensures that my issues have been resolved. His patience and willingness to help have motivated me to do the best job I can. "

Mr Alexis Chee
Divetech Marine Services Pte Ltd

Client of Derrick Chee

"Over the years that I have dealt with Derrick, I put up 3 main points to describe him. He is caring, honest and patient. Derrick has always been sincere and caring towards all his clients' situations. The product he proposes are what the client needs and is not pushy for policies that do not benefit me as a client. Derrick is also an honest individual who is upfront about what policies sold exclude and even his sharing how his remuneration is being calculated from policies sold. I find this very rare in other representatives who are more about maximising revenues and earnings for themselves. Lastly, Derrick is a very patient individual who will allow you to take your time to consider carefully on which ever policies proposed.He does not hard sell nor hound you to meet up for coffee or tea just to add more pressure into the decision making process. Overall, I am very happy to have Derrick as my insurance representative. I do not hesistate to check back with him on all aspects of insurance and have also seeked feedback on products that are not offered by him. He has been objective and impartial when it comes to such, with the sole objective of making sure clients get the best of coverage to suit their needs. Keep it up Derrick!"

Ms Jane Yeo
Moments that last

Client of Derrick Chee

"Derrick has been always been my trusty financial adviser. I love that he’s not only thoughtful and caring but he tries his best to take care of whatever needs and doubts that I may have and patiently explain them to me. He’s always very efficient in his response and he won’t keep me waiting for too long if there’s ever anything that I need to ask him. I believe and have such high trust in his service that I even referred him to my sisters and Daughter. Very very lucky to have met Derrick, and will always be grateful and thankful for his service."

Ms Angelia Ng
Financial Controller
Swissco Holdings

Client of Derrick Chee

"Derrick is professional, approachable and reliable. He is knowledgeable in his field of work, quick in response to enquiries and patient in explaining them."


Mr Ervin Chan

Client of Derrick Chee

"I had bought lots of insurance from different insurance companies and Derrick’s service is hard to come by. He is the type of insurance advisor which anyone would like to have. Derrick is very dedicated to his job, he always put his clients first, always keep his client updated and always works on what his client needs. I am blessed to have him as my insurance advisor for all these years. My policies are well taken care of and if I need any help from him on the policies I bought he would advise me accordingly. He didn’t fail to call back and always keep me in the loop. I would definitely said that his service is remarkable and someone whom you would like to deal with if you plan to get any insurance. "

Gideon Chew

Client of Samuel See, CFP®, CWMP

"My experience with Samuel in the past 6 years of interaction and business dealings has been very positive. He has demonstrated responsibility by getting things get done on time and not leaving out details. His reliability and responsiveness goes beyond the basic effort put in – from late nights on weekdays to weekends. He is definitely committed in ensuring his clients’ requests are met. One of the key attributes that I appreciate about Samuel is the accuracy in his proposals. They are always relevant to my situation and he will take extra care to understand my requirements before making a suggestion. This comes with the years of knowledge and understanding of the market and what it has to offer. I would highly recommend Samuel!"
Mrs S

Mrs Samantha
Business Development

Client of Andy Seo, CWMP, AFC®

"Before I met Andy, I never believed in getting insurance. However, his sincerity and transparency towards my family and I made me decide to give it a try. I took his advise and applied for a couple of plans to cover myself and my family - and it was one of the best decisions that I made because not a year later, my son and I were both hospitalised. Thanks to Andy and his foresight, we saved quite a fair amount on hospital bills which were covered by the plans. During the periods of our hospitalisation, he was really responsive and attentive towards us and our queries. Claims were also settled quickly. Thank you Andy!"
Miss CYH

Miss Chee Young Heng
Allied Health Professional
National University Hospital

Client of Derrick Chee

"The most important quality that makes Derrick a good insurance agent is commitment. He is friendly and passionate about his works. It can be a frustrating experience if it is different persons serving me, but i am luckily to meet Derrick who makes me feels assure when i sign my policies and when i make claims. Derrick have the ability to listen to you, gauge your level of understanding in this industry and relate these terms to you adequately. He is a honest agent who acts with integrity and food faith. I would highly recommend him to any friends and family. "


Mr Pinto Christopher James
Managing Director
Portalbeanz Pte Ltd

Client of Jarett J. Mathew

"I was having a hard time figuring out a comprehensive coverage for myself. As my work life settled down and my finances stabilised, I knew I had to plan for my future and I approached Jarett with my budget. He provided me with a selection of options with different insurers and even showed me an easy to understand comparison. The best part was that I could mix and match insurance plans to get a full coverage. Most importantly, his after sales follow up shows that he has my interest at heart."