Mr Ang Kok Hwa
IT Director

Client of Roger Lim, CFP®, AFPCM, AWPCM
Senior Relationship Manager

"I am actually impressed with Roger's attitude and drive when going through the details of this 'Pulsor' Fund. He was patient and managed to show me the benefits of taking up this plan."

Mrs Sithu Marielle Luanzon
Army Officer
Singapore Armed Forces

Client of Andy Tan
Relationship Manager

"Hello there! I have known Andy for a few months now, through my husband Sithu. He has been helping us make sound decisions with regards to investments & insurance. His suggestions & advices have been really helpful to us & we truly appreciate this about him. He has been really patient with us especially me when I have questions that may be really "way out there". From a financial adviser, he is gradually becoming a friend to us & I personally believe that this is an important factor when looking for somebody who will handle financial matters that can have a huge impact on our future. His passion in helping us is what encouraged me to put my trust in him when it comes to investments & insurance. And I truly belive that our "partnership" will continue to grow over the years. I am also looking forward to forging a deeper friendship along the way (:"

Mr Yan Ping

Client of Adeline Low
Relationship Manager

"Adeline is very helpful and always take the extra mile to explain things in detail to me. She get things done fast and on time, and she always keeps me updated which gives me a peace of mind. Even though I’ve been her client for 2 years, she still makes the effort to meet up with me consistently to ensure that my policies are relevant and up to date. She’s trusted and reliable, please meet her!"

Dawn Wang

Client of Tynn Lim, CLU®, ChFC®, IBFA, CWMP
Associate Director

"Tynn has always been there for my family and I since 2008 to provide us with numerous financial advices and planning. She is a trustworthy adviser who will always try to draw up the most affordable and complete plan for us so that we can be well covered and protected. She is flexible and will try to accede to our sometimes unreasonable requests within her means. Whenever there are new changes to the policies she will update and advice accordingly, thus we can really depend on her to manage our policies wholeheartedly without any worries. Be it a life insurance, saving plans, investment plans or travel insurance, Tynn will always provide us with the most comprehensive plan within our budget, risk appetite and financial goals. She is extremely helpful and patient in explaining all the financial plans to us especially to my parents who have zero knowledge about the financial jargons. A recent anecdote assured me further that we have a right choice in entrusting all our financial planning to her. My mum was hospitalized with appendicitis and this was the first time we were making a hospitalization claim. I had completely no idea how to go about doing with, especially with all the paper work involved. Immediately, I called Tynn and sought her advice and she went into the details on what I need to do and documents I need to keep. Despite her hectic schedule, she would call me every day for that week to check on my mum’s condition, while at the same time, remind me to keep the necessary important documents required for the claims. Through her advice and help, we managed to claim pre- and post-surgery expenses which we never knew were claimable. Tynn is one noteworthy, impartial and lively financial consultant whom we can trust and I will definitely recommend her to all of my friends and relatives."

Ms Kimberly Ang

Client of April Lim
Relationship Manager

"April was very patient in explaining to me the financial pyramid at the start and helping me understand the importance of financial planning. When I asked her to share all the available plans with various insurers she did up a clear summary for me to do a comparison. She is professional and approachable with clarifying all questions so that you understand and are confident of the plan you are purchasing. Thanks April!"

Ms Janice
Associate Director, Sponsorship
Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd

Client of Danny Lee, CFP®, IBFA, CWMP, AFPCM
Deputy Director

"Recognising that the market remains buoyant and volatile, I am privileged to have had Danny manage my portfolio for the past 7 years. The confidence level has never wavered and I am assured that I can fully capitalise on his knowledge and expertise. Our conversational exchanges have always been centred on personal needs which clearly drives my investment considerations. I would like to take this opportunity convey a word of 'Thank You' for playing an integral part in building my child's future!"

Mr Eric Ng
Changi Travel Services Pte Ltd

Client of Dexter Lim
Relationship Manager

"Dexter is patient in servicing me, allow me to know the products out there as well as the plan I bought from him."
Ms R

Ms Rehana
Teaching Associate

Client of Yasmin
Senior Relationship Manager

"Yasmin is an excellent agent. She is so easy to talk to and always listens to our needs. Most importantly, she strikes me as a genuine person and I can trust her to handle our policies. Besides being proficient in her work, she is an agent who will go the extra mile to help her clients. Highly recommended!"

Mr Alan Ding
Corporate Account Manager
Kyocera Document Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd

Client of Ng Tiac Pin
Relationship Manager

"Tiac Pin is very down-to-earth. His constant upgrades enable him to comprehend what the current market has to offer. Thus, the ability to customize plans that fits my lifestyle perfectly. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!"