Mr Derrick Lim
Senior Staff Nurse
Singapore General Hospital

"Eugene is a reliable person and he is able to share with me detailed information of the policies he has. He has showed me the a wide range of plans that are suitable for me which I can choose from. Ultimately, having a clear objective for me to plan for my future."

Ms Nadia Kargyl

"David is as charming as he is knowledgeable. He was great to talk to and was very generous with his time, vast expertise and humour. I will most definitely recommend him to anyone who needs financial assistance in any capacity."

Mr John Fong
Fitness Trainer
Jflow Fitness

"Sean is super helpful to offer and sort out all my messy policies during our first meet up. I think I couldn't have done it without his help. He was very patient, he reviewed and advised me on my existing policies based on my finance goal which we have discussed. He pointed out that I was paying more and getting less with some of my existing policies. So we made the necessary adjustments and my focus now is to stick with the plan. He has always follow up closely with me, and I entrust my finance planning to his professionalism."

Mr Eric Tan
Operation Manager

"The most responsible, approachable and committed advisor that I know. One thing I like about him is that he does not hard sell."

Mr Weng Kang (ex Andrew Lee Unit)
XIO SG Pte Ltd

"Becoming a Financial Adviser was my first career as I decided to join Andrew Lee unit back in 2016, being new to the industry, each time I met with obstacles, Andrew and his team will always be there to help and provide support to ensure that you do well in this career path. Through the guidance of Andrew and his team I have learnt many skills and knowledge in this industry which I am able to apply it in my future growth, even up to date, all the skills and knowledge I have acquire is still relevant and help me greatly in my future planning’s. Once again, I want to thank Andrew for always being there to support me throughout my time in Synergy. It was a wonderful experience. Wishing you best of luck to achieve your desires."

Ms Annie Goh

"Pauline has helped me in holistic financial planning for the last ten years. She has provided advice for medical protection, education planning, inventment for better retirement lifestyle. With her taking care of my financial goals, I have a piece of mind to focus on my career and taking care of my family. Thanks,"

Ms Hm Tan

"Reliable, knowledgeable, great personality and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly professional Financial Adviser. Zhen Quan had this and more. You take care of my financial affairs fully since 2018 – thank you!"

Mr Sailesh Thanki
Customer Success Manager

"Chandrika has been very helpful and has been my one stop shop for my family to suggest any insurance related or investment linked instrument. She gives personalized attention and as a result I have referred her to my friends also. Its a pleasure to work with her."

Mr. Marque Lai
Customer Experience Manager

"I have known Tynn way back, even before she has made it so successfully in her career. One thing about Tynn is that she CARES about her clients and treats them with sincerity. I had a few agents/advisors before her and slowly she became the one that I go to everytime. She is ever dependable and always ready to answer your questions. Her knowledge of insurance, the process on claims and payout, documents required are impeccable. You can ask her almost anything and she is able to answer with great confidence and will even sometimes text you in the middle of the night to affirm her answer to you. Her response speed is superb and would go the extra mile for her clients to ensure that their needs are answered to. Sometimes I even wonder whether she sleeps because of the efficiency she demonstrates. There is no other people I would recommend to my friends and colleagues if they ever require any financial advisor, because of her attitude and professionalism. She appreciates the word of referral and tries her very best in her role, for she knows she also carries the reputation of her referrer. That’s what makes me trust her so much and believe that she is always on the lookout for my best interest. I hope Tynn continues to shine and spread her wings to scale greater heights and if you ever need an advisor that is dependable, trustworthy and professional, Tynn Lim is the person you are looking for. Go Tynn! Marque Lai A very tenured and still the extremely satisfied client"