Ms Shirlene Phua

Client of Linda Quah, ChFC®, AFC®, AEPP®, CWMP
Associate Director

"I have known Linda for many years. She is sincere, attentive, knowledgeable and caring. She listens patiently and render her professional advice to me whenever I have queries or issues with my policies. She is someone whom I would definitely strongly recommend to my friends as she is a knowledgeable adviser who puts heart into her work and understands the clients from their point of view. Thank you, Linda!"
Ms Koo JK

Ms Koo Joyce Koo
Business Development Manager
PropertyGuru Group

Client of Edward Shee
Senior Relationship Manager

"I have been Edward’s client for many years, his professionalism and knowledge in this industry is remarkable. He is prompt in answering my enquiries and assist me whenever I need help. Keep up the good work Mr Shee."
Ms. JG

Ms. Jean Garcia
Brand Manager

Client of Hosanna Grace, AEPP®
Relationship Manager

"Hosanna, has been such a great help - she has provided me sound advice and is very patient. She has helped me rethink about my financial goals and revisit my financial plans and do a restructure that is more beneficial for me. I'm thankful to her for helping me avoid costly mistakes. "

Mr Yeo Zheng Lin

Client of Andy Seo, CWMP, AFC®, ChFC®, AEPP®
Deputy Director

"Andy is hard-working, and he put his client's needs before him. He will go all out to help his client, and to give the best for his client."

Mr S.K. Ooi
Sales Executive

Client of Eeks Lim, AEPP®
Senior Relationship Manager

"Eeks is a very friendly and patient! Her presentation is very in-depth and detailed. Her advises are very relevant, she would always come well-prepared with all the materials and research done before our meet up! I'm very glad to have her as my agent!"

Ms Qian Hui

Client of Jason Ong
Client Adviser

"Always very patient and genuine in providing advice and recommendations for policies that I will require. Very prompt and efficient too. Feel at ease in entrusting my policies with him."

Ms Annie Goh

Client of Pauline Lau, CFP®, IBFA, AWPCM
Senior Relationship Manager

"Pauline has helped me in holistic financial planning for the last ten years. She has provided advice for medical protection, education planning, inventment for better retirement lifestyle. With her taking care of my financial goals, I have a piece of mind to focus on my career and taking care of my family. Thanks,"


Client of Emily Lee, CWMP, AFPCM
Associate Director

"A very holistic approach to life’s investments and insurances. Gives honest opinions of all aspects and I’ve always resorted to her for any forms of insurance, especially when travelling!"

Kai Chin

Client of Jim Koh, AWPCM, AFC®, AFPCM, CFP®, IBFQ, IBFA
Senior Relationship Manager

"In an industry dominated by sales-oriented insurance agents, Jim stands out as a rare Client Adviser who actually takes time to understand your needs and recommend appropriate products. Jim is knowledgeable about industry trends, is opinionated but respectful, and is passionate about his work. These are overall qualities I think a serious adviser should have."