Mr Ting Wei Yuan
Police Officer

"Have known Kok Lun for about 3 years now. He had been very clear in explaining the policies to me prior to any policy sign ups. He would also always send articles/news in regards to plans on a regular basis to keep me updated on the current trends. When asked about my existing plans, he would always patiently explain to me."

Mr Keith Neo

"Rayers is a great friend and advisor to have as he go through every process with you. Ensure you understand what you are doing with your finances. Before you risk your livelihood. On top of that, Rayers always thrive to improve himself in term of knowledge and other aspect of his personal development."

Mr Jeremy Chin
Policy Coordinator

"A well merticulous and understanding financial planner who would go out of his way to understand the needs of his clients. In service wise he would go the extra miles to ensure that the provisions of the necessary matters are well taken care of so as to provide a peace of mind for his customers. He is also a very good team player and display leadership capabilities and any companies who have him on board is able to tap on his wealth of experience to chart a path for a better tomorrow."

Ms Lim Saw Yin

"Lucky to meet Shawn when I first arrived in Singapore. Was looking for medical coverage in a foreign place as I was worried about high medical cost. Thanks to him providing me a seamless service by recommending and comparing suitable products, I can focus my work and personal life in Singapore without worrying for unforeseen events. He was patient in explaining the terms and conditions of the medical cover with strong clarity, and that is what I highly value in a financial advisor. To everyone who prefers making informed decision, Shawn is definitely someone who is able to provide the necessary data for you."

Mr Julian Sum
Solutions Architect

"Garrick is always professional, friendly, contactable, reliable, approachable and the list of good qualities goes on. He is always prepared to go the extra mile in helping his clients even knowing that there wouldn't be any commission for doing so. The years of knowledge and experience he amassed will provide his clients with a peace of mind and I have total faith in his recommendations every single time. Choosing Synergy FA was a no-brainer as they offer a wide range of products from different providers in order to cater to individual needs. If you are looking for an advisor then look no further!"


"Marvin was very patient and easy to talk to! He does not hard sell or shoots down products from other insurers but rather gave me an insight of which product bests suits me. Also very friendly and considered my financial capacity before recommending me any product!"

Mr Alagirisamy

"Grace has great tact and patience when explaining complex instruments to me. She is insightful and keeps an eye for good investment returns for the client. I have held many conversations with her and she is candid in her assessment and perspectives. I thank her and wish her a wonderful year in 2021."

Assistant Director

"I've known Andy for many years. In our interactions, Andy has always been a sincere and hardworking person. He pays close attention to details, which is a big plus when helping to compare products for you as a client. He is also able to explain the products in a clear and easily understood manner. Thanks for all your help, Andy! Deeply appreciated."

Mr Elvin Chong Beng Chee
Basketball Coach

"Roger has been helpful in sharing with me my financial plans and committed to following thru and delivering my financial needs. Really grateful to have know him and know he’s doing great!"