Mr Bertrand Wong

Client of Rui Han

"Ruihan is very proficient at his work and is always willing to go the extra mile to understand my needs as a client, and to make sure I understood clearly the products that he was recommending to me. He is also very friendly and approachable, and is genuine in helping his clients."

Ms Hui San Chin
Research Fellow

Client of Emily Lee, CFP®, CWMP

"I count myself blessed to have Emily as my financial advisor. Her altruistic, comprehensive and insightful advice have ensured that I invest well for my family's future. She is attentive to my needs and helps me put my earnings to work. Her calmliness and confidence is an evidence of her extensive experience and panoply of knowledge in this field. Most importantly, she always goes the extra mile for her clients, which exemplifies her dedication towards our well-being. I would always recommend her with full confidence and appreciation. "

Mr Raj Kumar Thurairaj

Client of Tan Kok Lun

"Mr Tan is a dedicated & very reliable insurance agent. Not forgetting a knowledgeable agent too.Had 2 experiences in the hospital, I was not very sure what the policy overages for my kids. called him and surprisingly answer was at his finger tips... Awesome.. Definitely a recommended Insurance agent."
Mr S

Mr Syafiq
Singapore Police Force

Client of Emily Lee, CFP®, CWMP

"Emily is very welcoming, kind and open-minded. I love how she takes interest in what I do and is very optimistic about the future. I hope more people are like her, helpful and compassionate. "

Ms Shirlene Phua

Client of Linda Quah, ChFC®

"I have known Linda for many years. She is sincere, attentive, knowledgeable and caring. She listens patiently and render her professional advice to me whenever I have queries or issues with my policies. She is someone whom I would definitely strongly recommend to my friends as she is a knowledgeable adviser who puts heart into her work and understands the clients from their point of view. Thank you, Linda!"

Mr Hee Yueh Turng
Product Engineer
OMS Oilfield Services

Client of Derrick Chee

"Words are beyond description for Derrickā€™s service to me! Derrick is very responsible and proactive. Always be there for me or do to the best he can to help me with my problems. 2 thumbs up from me. If I have more thumbs I will give more!!!"
Ms S

Ms Swizzle

Client of Danny Lee, CFP®, IBFA, CWMP

"Danny has been an attentive adviser who listens to his customer's concerns. He has always done his due diligence to follow-up with his customer's financial matters and is always prompt in responding."

Assistant Director

Client of Andy Seo, CWMP, AFC®

"I've known Andy for many years. In our interactions, Andy has always been a sincere and hardworking person. He pays close attention to details, which is a big plus when helping to compare products for you as a client. He is also able to explain the products in a clear and easily understood manner. Thanks for all your help, Andy! Deeply appreciated."
Ms. JG

Ms. Jean Garcia
Brand Manager

Client of Hosanna Grace

"Hosanna, has been such a great help - she has provided me sound advice and is very patient. She has helped me rethink about my financial goals and revisit my financial plans and do a restructure that is more beneficial for me. I'm thankful to her for helping me avoid costly mistakes. "