Ms Wening

"When I met Amber for the first time, she is very friendly and approachable, immediately I hit off with her well. I trust her to do my financial planning and she came up with a detailed report of what my shortfalls are, and proposed something for me. She is a very patient and detailed in explaining. Whenever I have any questions, she’s just one call away. She’s prompt in her replies to me and follow up with me. I like that she provides different alternatives to a problem for me to choose from. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for any financial planning."

Dr A. H.
Assistant Professor
Singapore Institute of Technology

"Keef has an approachable and friendly personality. Over the past year, he has provided me advice on medical & life insurance planning for me and my family. The client experience has been very informative and he has been patient and professional throughout his engagement. He takes the time to explain clearly the differences between product comparisons and specific things to note to ensure I've made an informed decision. I will strongly recommend his service!"

Ronald Lim (ex Andrew Lee Unit)
Business Development Manager
Tokio Marine

"Synergy was my first stepping stone for my career in the Financial Services industry. Having guidance from Andrew and his pioneer batch of Advisors was one of my greatest take away from my stint with Synergy and it had been a great pleasure working with them. As team players, Andrew and his team had never held back on sharing their experiences and knowledge with all of us. Thank you for the wonderful years, and many greater years of friendship together. Cheers!"

Mr Randall Lee

"Anthony is a person that has his clients' best interests in mind and is consistently working to ensure that his clients' has sufficient financial coverage. He is a very knowledgable financial planner that is able to recommend and work around his clients' demands and needs. I am grateful for his thoroughness and time spent with me to ensure that I have the best plans to meet my personal financial needs."

Mr Jeffrey Tan
Managing Director, Senior Optometrist
Eyecare 24/7 Pte Ltd

"I got to know Ben when searching for a company insurance for my retail shops and employees. He impressed me with his great advices, which are genuine and professional. He was detailed with his planning and was not out to just earn his commission by upselling products. Things that were are not necessary to add on for my company, he will advice against it. He was even prompt to inform me that the company insurances were expiring even before i receive any notification letters. As such, i decided to entrust him with all my family and personal related insurance polices, including some investment portfolio. A great adviser is hard to find nowadays, more so, one that become a friend. Chat him up and you guys will believe what I have mentioned."

Mr Ting Wei Yuan
Police Officer

"Have known Kok Lun for about 3 years now. He had been very clear in explaining the policies to me prior to any policy sign ups. He would also always send articles/news in regards to plans on a regular basis to keep me updated on the current trends. When asked about my existing plans, he would always patiently explain to me."

Mr Cedric Chow

"I got to know Alex in one of the financial planning talks many years ago. Back then, I wasn’t really into insurance but did have a vague idea that I might need some coverage along the way. As Alex is not that pushy kind of adviser, I felt at ease sharing with him my concerns & issues. He was able to help me consolidate all my insurance policies to inform me what were the loopholes. I started off with him helping me with managing my existing policies and adding new policies along the way with him. Over time, I see that Alex is not only a conscientious adviser but a caring one. I am especially more confident that he can help me plan my financial future better, from an independent financial advisory company this allows him to recommend me the most suitable policy without being biased towards any single company. He has been instrumental in helping me achieve financial stability especially for my retirement period. I am glad to have his expertise in guiding me financially."

Ms Grace Lee

"Linda is very dedicated to her job and knowledgeable in her products. Her patience and detailed explanation of her products has given me the confidence in entrusting my financial planning requirements with her. She is also very responsive to my queries and proactive in checking if I require any follow up actions from her."

Mr Ong Keng Siong
IT Professional

"I met Jarius to talk about my choices for investing my money and was pleased by his expertise and friendliness. He was able to clarify everything to me in a clear and understandable way. I have observed him to be conscientious in his profession. He also has a great personality on a more interpersonal level. He is a good fit for his present position as a financial advisor because of his openness and candor. I am certain that he will undoubtedly be beneficial to anyone trying to make financial plans for the future."