Mr Hee Yueh Turng
Product Engineer
OMS Oilfield Services

Client of Derrick Chee

"Words are beyond description for Derrick’s service to me! Derrick is very responsible and proactive. Always be there for me or do to the best he can to help me with my problems. 2 thumbs up from me. If I have more thumbs I will give more!!!"

Ms Phylis Ang

Client of Derrick Chee

"Appreciate your assistance and expertise in helping me with my insurance. He is professional, trustworthy, patient and has made the process of dealing with insurance easy and painless. I will recommend him to others for their insurance needs. Thank you."
Ms S

Ms Sandra

Client of Tan Kok Lun

"Kok Lun is a conscientious agent and frequently keeps me up to date on new insurance policies. Whenever I asked him questions on my policies, he will always reply promptly and accurately. He listens and only introduces plans that suit the needs and budget of his clients. He makes the effort to send his clients messages and constantly remind them to be fully covered. He is always open to advising and finding out on other insurance plans. I have introduced him to my sister, which shows that I have absolute trust in him. Keep up the good work!"


Mr Andy Sin
Managing Director
Tamako Meal Pte Ltd

Client of Jarett J. Mathew

"Jarett is a trustworthy adviser who will always try to draw up the most affordable and complete plan so that I can be well covered and protected. He is flexible and will try to accede to our sometimes unreasonable requests within his means. Whether it is a life insurance, saving plan, investment plans or travel insurance, Jarett always provides me with the most comprehensive plan within my budget, risk appetite and financial goals. He also takes care of my business insurances policies in a superb manner. He is extremely helpful and admirably patient in explaining all the financial plans to me especially when I have zero knowledge about the financial jargons. One of the key attributes that I appreciate about Jarett is the accuracy in his proposals. They are always relevant to my situation and he will take extra care to understand my requirements before making a suggestion. Jarett is one noteworthy, impartial and lively financial consultant whom we can trust and I will definitely recommend him to all of my friends and relatives."
Ms I

Ms Ida
Research Assistant

Client of Emily Lee, CFP®, CWMP

"Emily is the best financial advisor one could ask for! She is very responsive and knowledgeable, and will attend to all our queries as soon as possible. She remembers my post-hospitalization apppointments and never fails to remind me of the invoices needed for claims. She is very sincere and genuine in helping my family's financial plan, and is never pushy in promoting her policies. Overall, my family and I are very comfortable with her and we know we can put our trust on her."

Mr Mark Vincent

Client of Emily Lee, CFP®, CWMP

"I’ve known Emily for about a year now. I was referred to her by a family member. It was my first time taking insurance and everything was explained by Emily in detail. She also took into consideration what I needed and did not push me into taking anything that was unnecessary. I recently got into an accident and all my questions have been answered by Emily promptly. I am glad to have her as my insurance agent and would definitely recommend her to others. Great job so far and keep it up!"


Mr Thay Xian Rong

Client of Jason Ong

"Outstanding advisor. Always there to help whenever I need it."

Ms Christabel Tricia Lim Huishan
Student Care Executive

Client of Ng Tiac Pin

"Trustworthy & responsible. Answers questions with all earnesty. Never fails to respond to my queries and helps with my claims by following up every step of the way. I'm glad to have transferred my policies over to Tiac Pin. Gives me a peace of mind to know that i'm well taken care of. Thank you! "

Ms Adeline Kin
JP Morgan

Client of Derrick Chee

"Derrick is the friendliest guy I knew.... He is always very prompt with my enquires and get back to me as soon as he could. He is very knowledgeable and efficient when explaining policy and details to me. My always reliable agent and friend for the last 15 years."