Mr Steven Lim
Ngee Ann Polytechnic

"Jason was able to condense and distill financial planning concepts in an easy-to-understand style, using anecdotes, drawings and explanations, enabling me to see the need for planning towards retirement. His advice on my current portfolio of financial plans were useful and I appreciate that he has a range of products to recommend, to maximise returns in the longer term."

Miss Stella Aw
Statistical Specialist
Ministry of manpower

"Nicholas has been providing service to me for numerous years and is always able to find the best insurance plan for my needs. He will prepare and compare all of the products for each appointment in order to assist me in finding the best plans for me. I am very happy with his professionalism and his ability to help me to make financial decisions. Overall, I would recommend Nicholas to anyone searching for a financial advisor who will put their clients' needs and interests first."

Elaine Low (ex Andrew Lee Unit)
King Potato Eyewear

"In 2012, I was deciding to join either Andrew’s unit or with another unit in Company P. The reason why I joined Andrew is because of his amazing personality that attracts me. He shows a lot of care and guided me in this industry. He is very good in interpersonal communication skills and he is always very willing to share with us his knowledge. Within my one year with Andrew and my senior, Tynn, I had learnt so much in this industry which is relevant even up to today when I am running my own business. I’m forever grateful to them and definitely did not regret my choice by joining Andrew Lee’s Unit before I venture into my own business."

Ms Wening

"When I met Amber for the first time, she is very friendly and approachable, immediately I hit off with her well. I trust her to do my financial planning and she came up with a detailed report of what my shortfalls are, and proposed something for me. She is a very patient and detailed in explaining. Whenever I have any questions, she’s just one call away. She’s prompt in her replies to me and follow up with me. I like that she provides different alternatives to a problem for me to choose from. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for any financial planning."

Ms Joyce Chew

"Mr Anthony Lee is a well organised and merticulous with customers. Always efficient and have patience to reply to cuatomers' queries and doubts. A friendly adviser."

Dr Arindam Basu
Associate Professor

"Keef has advised me on financial planning over the last few months. At first, I was a bit sceptical since I felt that I had a good handle on my investments. But was pleasantly surprised to hear his point of view. He finally helped me do several insurance and medical coverage plans. His enthusiasm is infectious and it is nice to have someone come all the way to your house to help out."

Sales Associate

"She is a very friendly advisor and reacts fast whenever we need her to check in regards to policy or claims. I would recommend to my friends if they want to get insurance. She is a capable and responsible advisor. I'll continue to support her."

Mr Jacob
Senior Graphic Designer

"When I first met Fiona, it was about 10 years ago. I was a fresh graduate with a monthly income of $1600. With her step to step guidance, I am achieving my dreams and getting my own house next year! This is really encouraging and exciting. She is genuinely happy for me and even gone the extra mile in helping me on my housing issue!  She has never felt that I am a just small account. She is always trying her best to help me in planning my finances. I am very impressed by her professionalism. She gives her advice based on what is good for me, and not to just earn the commission from me. This is very different from other agents. In addition, Fiona is very responsive and fast whenever I need help or any clarifications. I want to thank Fiona for her excellent help and service that she has provided me. If you looking for an advisor, I am highly recommended Fiona, with zero doubt!  Best, Jacob"

Mr Chen Yanfeng
Executive Director

"David Tang has been giving sincere and excellent advice for my family insurance and financial portfolio since 2002. Highly recommend his services to all!!"