"Finally! I found an adviser who is prompt, knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and always assisting us to find the appropriate solution. Andy Seo of Synergy Financial Advisers has helped saved us thousands of dollars! I look forward to a long-term relationship with him at Synergy. Thanks for everything, Andy!"

Mr Jonathan Yuen
Creative Director

Client of Emily Lee, CFP®, CWMP

"Very informative and detailed in sharing the policies and structures, and generally good advices on how to plan for future. Thanks"


Dr. Rachid Yazami
Nanynag Technological University

Client of Keef Lim

"Keef Lim is a very well dedicated financial advisor. The clarity and enthusiasm he puts in his communication with clients make him very trustful. I have enjoyed talking to him on the phone and face to face. He is very knowledgeable about investments and his advises are very helpful. "


Mr Derrick Er
Boutique Manager

Client of Derrick Chee

"It is very important to have someone like Derrick to manage your investments and always act at your best interest. Knowing him for 18 years, Derrick has maintained his consistency in terms of service and knowledge. I never have to worry about my policies as I know I'm in good hands. This industry need someone like him whom you can trust and rely on. I am very grateful to have Derrick as my advisor. "
Mr J

Mr Jasper

Client of Linda Quah, ChFC®

"From the many years I had know her, Linda is like a big sister caring and understanding my needs in different situations. She always give me good advise when I had issues and even sometimes when the issues are not related to her job she will also give good advise. "

Mr AR Chin
Assistant Director HR
Kydon Holdings

Client of Andy Seo, CWMP, AFC®

"Andy has put the customer’s needs way above his own, even at the expense of sales. I wish to commend him for his sincerity, honesty, and integrity. You can rarely find a professional of his calibre in the market today. "

Ms Gloria Chee

Client of Alan Lim

"Alan is able to answer all of my enquiries. I am impressed and feel safe in the advice that he has offered me, not forgetting his rich knowledge in different types of product with different companies. He also patiently explained clearly about the insurance that he is offering me, letting me be clear about my needs and the things that I am buying. Alan also gave me a sense of security and responsibility in handling my portfolio, keep up the good work!"

Gideon Chew

Client of Samuel See, CFP®, CWMP

"My experience with Samuel in the past 6 years of interaction and business dealings has been very positive. He has demonstrated responsibility by getting things get done on time and not leaving out details. His reliability and responsiveness goes beyond the basic effort put in – from late nights on weekdays to weekends. He is definitely committed in ensuring his clients’ requests are met. One of the key attributes that I appreciate about Samuel is the accuracy in his proposals. They are always relevant to my situation and he will take extra care to understand my requirements before making a suggestion. This comes with the years of knowledge and understanding of the market and what it has to offer. I would highly recommend Samuel!"
Ms E

Ms Evon
Regional Capacity Coordinator
MCC Transport

Client of Derrick Chee

"Derrick is very attentive to your needs and committed to his job. Always provide updates as and when required. A very dependable Friend when I need to seek advice on insurance. "