Mr Derrick Er
Boutique Manager

"It is very important to have someone like Derrick to manage your investments and always act at your best interest. Knowing him for 18 years, Derrick has maintained his consistency in terms of service and knowledge. I never have to worry about my policies as I know I'm in good hands. This industry need someone like him whom you can trust and rely on. I am very grateful to have Derrick as my advisor."

Mrs Yvonne Lim

"Met a few agents that didn’t bother servicing us after we purchased our policies. Simple enquiries were left unreplied as well. Ever since our family was served by Rachel we have been following her for a couple of years. She is dedicated with her work, services, and also efficient."

Mr Kan Kok Chew
Regional Sales Manager

"Dexter is a patient and merticulous adviser that pinpoints the shortfall in my family's coverage despite the shortage of budget I gave him. He helps me understand the importance of insurance and advised me what policies in priorities by maneuvering around my limited budget. He is unlike other agents I have seen in the industry who is often pushy while chasing for sales quota. A good chap, highly recommended!"

Mr Brijesh Kumar Shukla
Vice President
JPMorgan Chase Bank

"“Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly professional Financial Adviser. Chandrika Shukla had this and more. Her dedication to clients, business excellence and education sets her apart and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes.” – Brijesh shukla– 2019"

Mdm Ng Lin Yen
FIS Derivatives Utility

"Eeks is very different from the other agents I have met. She listens attentively to me and is very straightforward in her practice. She would provide relevant and sustainable solutions to fit my needs. I don't feel any pressure working with her, she isn't pushy and she treats me like a close friend. Its a great joy working with her!"

Ms Swizzle

"Danny has been an attentive adviser who listens to his customer's concerns. He has always done his due diligence to follow-up with his customer's financial matters and is always prompt in responding."

Mr Terence Yeo

"Adeline has been very helpful and sincere in advising me on my financial matters. She provided sound advices on suitable financial schemes and plans, which are affordable and within means. Adeline is also very patient, and is willing to answer all of my queries. You will not go wrong with her as your financial advisor!"

Mr Azman
Eagles Services Asia PL

"I've kmown Liza for almost 5 years. She is very kind & informative with regards to my financial planning."

Mr Thaddaeus Koay
Singapore Police Force

"Jason has allowed me to understand insurance and investment better as he was simple and clear in his pitch."

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