Relentless, Unwavering and Notable in our Pursuit of Excellence

SYNERGY is proud to be awarded the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) STAR with People and Innovation alongside government bodies such as Attorney-General’s Chambers, Central Narcotics Bureau, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, Health Promotion Board, Ministry of Communications and Information.

It is an endorsement of SYNERGY’s excellence, not just by our own standards, but by stringent, nationally-recognised standards. This is a notable achievement for a young, 6-years old company like SYNERGY.

It shows how, as a company, we have set out clear business goals and uncompromising ethics; establish excellent management practices and efficient work processes; harness technology to ease workloads, equip ourselves with new capabilities; and invest in grooming competent, professional, highly regarded Financial Advisers Representatives. We constantly scrutinise ourselves to make our work more efficient and effective. This is what sets us apart.

SYNERGY is dedicated to our Vision, Mission and Values. We care for our people, so that we can excel in providing better care for you through the services of our Financial Advisers Representatives. We are uniquely empowered to use our professional knowledge to customise effective solutions to suit your specific needs. This is the SYNERGY commitment to you.

The SQC STAR certification is possible because of the collective efforts of our Management, Staff and Financial Advisers Representatives. We also share this honour with our partners, clients and regulators. Thank you for walking this journey with us.

The certification is an important milestone, and it further motivates us to strive for continuous improvement and new advancements. This is the SYNERGY RUN – to be Relentless in our pursuit of excellence; Unwavering in our standards and ethics; and Notable in the results we ultimately achieve.