Chief Executive Officer of Synergy Financial Advisers, Adrian Peh, spoke with Hubbis about the wealth and insurance advisory industry in Singapore.

As Hubbis is a specialised platform for showcasing Asian specific trends in the wealth management industry, this article was focused on how investments in future-forward technology can help improve client service experience.

New Methodologies

To account for the wide variability of client needs, Synergy has leveraged on technology to create a chatbot called Autobot to help advisors streamline the product selection process. Ultimately, this quick delivery of a bespoke suite of products helps define Synergy's outstanding service amongst competitors.

Two Camps

A worrying trend of large insurance companies buying stakes in FA firms can tend to blur the lines between the two camps. This may be detrimental to consumers if they are unable to tell if their FA is biased and tied to a single insurance company.

In contrast, the mark of a FA is true independence, hence, the ability to offer a broad range of products from different companies. This is a key competency that Synergy upholds which results in more transparency and better product choices for clients.

Choosing a Financial Adviser

Ultimately, with greater transparency and faster biased-free portfolio customisation available, clients are able to receive the best products and services. This is a key element that Synergy is constantly working towards with consistent improvements aided with technology and honest communications.

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