As part of SYNERGY’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we regularly take part in giving back to society with the aim to provide support and opportunities to those in need. Annually, donation campaigns and charity events are organised in support of this worthwhile initiative. Even when COVID struck, it did not deter us from our intentions in giving back to the society.

In 2020, SYNERGY launched a Plan for Hope campaign partnering with 3 Charity Organisations/Funds and have successfully raised $30,000 to help families that were greatly impacted by COVID. Ongoingly, our advisers and clients donate blood through a Blood Donation Drive organised by us since 2014.

This year, to continue our efforts, SYNERGY has donated 16 laptops in good working conditions to Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT) on 22 Nov 2021. This initiative was specially arranged to increase opportunities for women from low-income families to upskill themselves and find better job opportunities.

About Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT)

DOT is a non-profit based in Singapore that provides practical support as well as skills upgrading opportunities for women from low-income families, empowering them and enabling them with livelihood opportunities.

Disruptions resulted from COVID has increased the need and reliance on digital devices and digital connectivity for work and learning. However, the families that DOT services have limited access to stable internet connection or sufficient devices to manage the home-based learning needs of the children and learning and/or working needs of the women.

SYNERGY is a new partner in this journey of helping bridge the digital divide for the under privileged families by donating working laptops that DOT beneficiaries and their families can use in their learning and employment-seeking journey.

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