Commitment to the Environment

During the recent Synergy Hawaii Experience, our M.I.C.E company - Dynasty, surprised us by planting a Legacy Tree in our honour.

This is part of the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative which plays an integral role in providing canopy for the native understory plants and is a critical habitat for several of Hawaii's rare and endangered native birds. This restoration effort hopes to reverse the degraded or destroyed forests in Hawaii due to development and agriculture over the past century.

The tree that was planted is an Acacia Koa. Its name in the Hawaiian language, koa, also means brave, bold, fearless or warrior.

Digital Strategy

As part of our digital strategy at Synergy, we have been taking measures to reduce paper usage and caring for the environment is one of our main goals.

We are delighted to have partners that share the same sentiments as us while we progress into a bright and sustainable future ahead for all.

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