Synergy Awards Night 2018

Live your dreams.

This year, we were at South Beach (JW Marriott), a pristine venue to host our annual Awards Night to recognise the achievements of our very best. We are happy to have been the catalyst of unlocking the full potential of our Synergizers, allowing them to follow their dreams while serving clients with excellent standards.

In line with the 2018 theme of Transformation, we encourage both clients and staff alike to take the leap of faith to follow their dreams. Not only will we be able to serve you with more confidence, but this will also create better synergies in our relationships.

Sand Art

To start the evening proper, a sand artist produced an extremely moving piece for us. What struck us was the ability of the artist to synthesise such beautiful drawings with only the humble resource of sand. We believe that this applies to Synergizers as well since they are well equipped with the skills to positively empower any client's portfolio. View a video of this on Facebook.


An entertaining act put up by a ventriloquist who has practiced the craft for many years. His humourous acts that were peppered with local flair brought about much laughter throughout dinner, displaying his wide range of personas, each bearing unique flavours of amusement.

Stage Games

Of course, no celebration is complete without a little interactive fun. To build up team spirit and enhance synergies amongst staff, these stage games coaxed everyone to show their competitive spirits and pitted the best teams against each other. Likewise, with such drive displayed in our celebrations, we believe this also shows in our professional work, where we prefer to go up and above our duties while serving our clients with the best standards.

Awards Presentation

While we honour the achievements of individuals, we also hope to inspire others through the presentation of various awards. Recognising their competencies, we hope this encourges all to not rest on their laurels and continue their pursuit of professionalism towards all clients.