Rachel Kam

AWPCMRelationship Manager

Ms Rachel Tan
Occupational Therapist

"Rachel is an easy going person and is very easy to work with. Reliable and efficient, she is able to recommend policies that's suitable to individual needs. Will definitely recommend to my friends."

Mr Lim
Corene nail spa

"Rachel has been very responsive to my questions. Very pleased with her knowledge and care for my family :)"

Ms Joanna

"I got to know Rachel from my previous company, colleague turned friends. She is very zealous about her job and is a very dedicated adviser that goes the extra mile for all her clients. What sets her apart from other advisers is that she take time to understands my needs and offer products that best suits my needs. She also assist me with consolidating all my other policies from other companies. If you would like to have an seamless and enjoyable financial planning journey, I would recommend Rachel!"

Mr Yasa
Aircraft Systems Engineer
Mag Engines

"Rachel has made insurance planning easy to understand. And has provided me with a very detailed plan and recommendations to fit my specific needs. Am grateful for her thoroughness and time spent to make sure I have the best plans!"

Ms Kayde Leow

"Rachel took the time to analyze my current financial situation, and was able to make some good recommendations. I have known Rachel for many years, and she is a person with great integrity, work ethic, and one of the nicest persons I've known."

Ms Clara Choo
Regional Visual Merchandiser
Sisley Pte Ltd

"Rachel always has her clients' best interest in mind. She is very trustworthy, also pleasent to deal with as she is able to listen, and understands all my doubts, and concerns. I would recommend Rachel to any of my friends, or family."

Ms Lyziana Yusof
Staff Nurse
Kimiicare Pte Ltd

"I knew Rachel a few years back. She was doing my boyfriend's portfolio and I immediately liked her work ethics. So I engaged her to help me out too. She is constantly in contact and updating us regarding our policies. We could ask her anything and she would try her best to clarify our worries. Definitely the best we have ever met."

Ms Alice
Tea Business
Teadora 茶朵拉

"Rachel is really awesome lady yet passionate agent. I have to be honest, comparing to so many agents i had met out there, she the most responsible one and always take each of her client case very seriously and handle it with responsible yet professional. She very friendly and super helpful, will remind you if any updates/changes in your policies and also will take her time to meet you face to face to discuss about it. Very patient woman even you had million of questions, she will always keep her cool and explain or even draft out for your visual understanding. Thanks for being my agent since the day 1 you has joined in this field and thanks for the concern and prompt text whenever i'm away from Singapore and back :) Blessed!"

Mr Solomon Low
Sales Manager

"Rachel has been an amazing advisor, she’s very patient, knowledgeable and she goes all out to help me on my claims. She’s always reachable as well, highly recommended and definitely an advisor you can trust!"

Mr Tan Meng Shen
Singapore Armed Forces

"Very thankful to have Rachel as my financial advisor. Putting all my trust on her to manage my portfolio without any worries! When it comes to explaining how the complex policies works, she’s patient, detailed, and clear, which helps in clearing my doubts. Very accomadating to my busy schedules too! 👍🏻"

Mr Wei Kit
Senior Executive
Singapore Airlines

"Rachel never fails to approach her clients with her friendly smile as she explains the policies with clarity to make sure the client understands what they are getting into. She goes into details to understand the clients’ needs before recommending policies to them, giving them the sense of security and comfort to return to her. She’s also very forthcoming with the policies and details, explaining them very clearly to her clients."

Mrs Yvonne Lim

"Met a few agents that didn’t bother servicing us after we purchased our policies. Simple enquiries were left unreplied as well. Ever since our family was served by Rachel we have been following her for a couple of years. She is dedicated with her work, services, and also efficient."