Nick Wu

Client Adviser

Mr Jason

"Nick is a professional financial planner who has been a great help in providing professional advises that are catered to my needs as a client. The financial planning services that he had provided were different from the typical insurance agents that I have met up with previously. Most importantly, Nick was able to come up with recommendations that could fit well to my financial planning needs (e.g. budget, period of plans etc.). There were no hard-selling of products, which made the meetup sessions much more comfortable. He had also dedicated his time to go through the details of the plans, which I personally think is necessary as consumers should be well-informed of what they are going to sign up for. I was also given ample time to consider through his recommendations and he was able to clarify the doubts that I had. I have came across many financial advisor and glad to have finally found someone so dedicated and responsible like Nick. All in all, I am satisfied with the financial planning services that Nick has provided."

Mr Nicholas Lim

"Trustable and reliable. Yongwei is a very knowledgeable and responsive adviser, answering to all the doubts that I have. I can always trust him in providing the best advice on whatever products i need. Thanks for providing an excellent service in helping me with my financial planning. Would highly recommend to friends and family."

Mr Kor Chun Wei

"Nick is very friendly and approachable. The initial meeting with him gave me a feeling of security and trust in his professionalism. I am very fond of his approach on financial planning, his advices not only take my present needs and circumstances into consideration but my future needs as well, building up my financial portfolio since the start. You can clearly see that he place his client's wellbeing and needs at priority. I highly recommend his service!"

Mr Darrel Koh
Sales Manager
Diamond Palace (s) Pte Ltd

"YongWei is patient in assessing my situation in order to know what I really need in my financial planning. He is clear with his explanation, always highlighting the more important pointers. He clarifies my doubt efficiently, and it goes to show his knowledge in this field."

Mr Koh Chu Xiang Nik

"Nick is a very patient advisor who takes his time to explain every small details thoroughly to make sure I understand the policy clearly."

Mr Tan Chin Ang

"Nick is a kind and passionate adviser. He did his research and analysis to recommend the products that suits my financial objectives. On top of that, he also offers valuable advises on cash flow management. One thing I like about him is that he does not do hard selling and he always clarify doubts that I have efficiently. I appreciate the efforts he put in to advice me on financial planning. I would definitely recommend him to my peers."

Mr Guansang

"Friendly and helped me understand what i was purchasing!"

Mr Chen Hao
Sengkang hospital

"Nick is a efficient adviser who helped me to do a holistic financial planning. He made me feel comfortable throughout the few appointments I had with him. No pressure or hard selling compared to the insurance agents I met outside. I've never regret to appoint him as my financial adviser to handle my financial plannings. Looking forward to more discussions about financial planning with him in the future."

Mr Zhang Xuyang
Military Officer

"Nick has played an integral role in building my personal financial well-being, and broadening my perspective in financial literacy. Easy-going and patient, Nick has always been available to answer questions and do the legwork and research to make sure that my investments and my life insurance are on track with my needs. Nick also goes through the hassle to make sure that I have an understanding of where my finances are headed, and always provide comparisons and alternatives to tackle the situations painted from different perspectives. Would definitely recommend his services to anyone in need."

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