Gem Huang

CFP®, AEPP®Relationship Manager

Mr Winston Tan
Flight Attendant
Singapore Airlines

"Gem was my ex-colleague whom I was chatting up one day and approached her to resolve my financial situation. Not only did she assisted me with patience (lots of it) and kindness, she follows up even during her pregnancy. I can't thank her enough for the invaluable advice and will gladly recommend anyone out there looking for a meticulous and approachable financial adviser!"

Mr Leonardo Alvarez
Senior Coach

"Gem is a great insurance advisor, she gave me the detailed and customized options to choose from, according to my budget. Always keen to meet for updating insurance status and filling up the forms. It's always good to have someone else to deal with the insurance companies instead of having myself a headache as we know premiums could change from one to other depending of which insurer you go with. Super thankful and happy client."

Ms Lilian Tan

"Shes is dedicated and meticulous. Definitely 1 of the best financial agents I've known. About 4 years ago, Gem did a financial review with me and consolidate all of my policies and investments. We both spent some time to talk and discuss about what my lifestyle and expenditure and insurance coverage and etc. Really appreciate and grateful for that because a couple of months ago, when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had to go through surgery, I was pleasantly surprised that 1 of my policies showed that my condition was able to process a claim. In fact, Gem mentioned that another policy which I kept was most likely able to help with the bills and fees. After this episode, it makes me see the importance of having insurance and most importantly, a professional capable financial advisor."


"Very helpful advisor who goes above and beyond to answer all my queries."