Andy Tan

Relationship Manager


Mrs Sithu Marielle Luanzon
Army Officer
Singapore Armed Forces

"Hello there! I have known Andy for a few months now, through my husband Sithu. He has been helping us make sound decisions with regards to investments & insurance. His suggestions & advices have been really helpful to us & we truly appreciate this about him. He has been really patient with us especially me when I have questions that may be really "way out there". From a financial adviser, he is gradually becoming a friend to us & I personally believe that this is an important factor when looking for somebody who will handle financial matters that can have a huge impact on our future. His passion in helping us is what encouraged me to put my trust in him when it comes to investments & insurance. And I truly belive that our "partnership" will continue to grow over the years. I am also looking forward to forging a deeper friendship along the way (:"

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